New York Fashion Week, Fall-Winter trends 2015-2015

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New York Fashion

Every year, shows that take place in New York, open the season of fashion week. Following these events, fashion designers and couturiers will go to astonish and conquer Milan, Paris, London and many other cities where walking on the catwalk is gaining momentum, but more on that we will discuss later, for now let’s talk about the discoverer, about New York.

The Fashion Week in New York is one of the four most important fashion events. The characteristic features of this event have become noisy and pretentious parties, along with the desire to save money on shows. It was New York where was born the tradition to organize fashion shows on internet and to attract for presentations of clothes plastic mannequins instead of models costs for which are quite impressive, while for plastic mannequins no remunerations is needed.

So, the main trends of New York shows are:

  • puzzle
  • grey color
  • voluminous silhouettes (slacks, coats and П-silhouette dresses, dimensionless sweaters)
  • the abundance of fur
  • sleeveless jackets
  • abstract prints

Many designers have used the “puzzle” technique and created interesting models of clothing. Someone had used the exact same fabric, others experimented not only with color but also with texture, combining leather with suede, velvet or lace. In general, imagination always predetermined the result.

New York Week

New York trends

The cold season should be cozy, so that special attention should be paid to the color of clothes, in which you are going to spend the winter. According to the collections shown in New York, gray and mossy shades will be particularly fashionable.

New York Fall-Winter

Michael Kors

You no longer have to bind yourself in narrow and tight-fitting clothes, the trend of Fall-Winter 2015-2015 is oversized clothes. One of the first was transformed leather pants. Now these are not leggings but loose and airy pants. Designers also gave preference to loose sweaters, dresses and coats, but if you want to somehow elevate this image, just use a belt.

New York 2015-2015

Isabel Marant

The Fall-Winter season is characterized by low temperatures, and therefore you need to be prepared for the cold. This season, designers have paid more attention when working with fur, designed to give everyone wearing it comfort and warm. Fur can be a decoration for collars, sleeves, hem dresses or boots, and also can serve as a basic material for making clothes, shoes or accessories. The color of fur is a separate topic as this season it’s important to wear fur coats and jackets not only in the traditional color of the animal, but also in burgundy, blue, green, etc. colors.


New York Fashion Week

Sleeveless jackets are not going to leave us in this cold season, although it would seem they do not give much heat, but instead are extremely stylish… the length of the jacket varies from features of a figure. Those who want to hide the naughty body parts, it would be better to choose a longer model, owners of perfect body shapes can safely wear short sleeveless jackets.

Victoria Beckham

The abundance of prints from the catwalk stirs anyone. A particular attention should be paid not to hoar animalistic prints but to abstract and ethnic motives.

Fashion Week 2015

Fashion Week 2016

The New York Fashion Week set the pace to the main participants of the marathon, and that means that we continue to expect even more style, grace and a mind-blowing combinations and authorial solutions, as under no consideration, designers do not want to lose their popularity.

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