Paris Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2020-2021

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The highlight of Paris Fashion Week, of course, was the Chanel show with new creative director Virginie Viard, who was previously the right hand of the late Karl Lagerfeld. On the podium, the brand presented the latest (and undoubtedly the most iconic) collection, created by a fashion designer who passed away on February 19th.

French week proved to be practical, “wearable” and elegant – the global return of canonical elegance, eventually replacing hypertrophic hoodies and ugly sneakers. We present the 10 main trends in the French capital, which are worth considering.

Paris fashion week fall winter 2020 2021

The shades of lava

In the new season we will literally play with fire. These are the ideal color combinations for fall-winter 2020. The one who introduced the trend was Dries Van Noten, who presented a short fur coat and several bags of fur in the shade of lava. Intense red, turning into a bright red and dazzling yellow looks really fascinating.

Paris fashion weeks trends 2020 2021


Regardless of what the experts of the Institute say and no matter how attractive is the new hero of the year, “living coral”, but the monochrome images in purple always look interesting, original and modern. The most fashionable combinations of the season are experiments with a combination of shades from a single palette, but of different intensity: we combine purple, lavender, dark purple and amethyst in one look.

Paris fashion fall 2020 winter 2021

Bell hat

A funny coincidence in fashion took place among the former colleagues of Pierpaolo Piccioli and Maria Grazia Curie: both Italian designers showed similar styles of hat, which people often call “bell hats”, similar to panama but with elongated cups . We admire the most fashionable combinations with romantic dresses at Valentino, and the flared retro models look for Nina Ricci.

Paris fashion week fall winter 2020 2021 hats


Designers often borrow trends on the streets and now headkerchiefs are an accessory familiar to everyone since childhood. Despite the fact that both Grace Kelly and Jackie Kennedy have devotedly loved them, a new wave of popularity is due to the rappers – A$AP Rocky tried an accessory of this kind right on the red carpet. Now, on the podiums in Paris, you can find silk scarves with a shiny print or simple deer skin and leather options – choose according to your taste.


Faux fur

Fur clothes are always presented in abundance in the fall-winter season. The most current ones will be the fur coats, which look a lot like natural fur. Although the fashion industry is actively rejecting genuine, ultra-modern eco patterns look very natural. Even Stella McCartney, who is actively fighting for environmental protection, has opted for eco fur.

Paris Fashion Week 2020 2021 fall winter faux fur

Photo print

In the new season, Pierpaolo Piccioli and his creative team mastered the art of collage – in the Valentino collection we see fancy prints created from floral patterns and sculptures. The psychedelics were transported to Maison Margiela, and the colored plots of watercolor can be found at Lanvin’s new creative director, Bruno Sialli.

Fashion prints at Paris fall winter 2020 2021

Wide shoulders

Seasonal metamorphoses most often refer to the shoulder line: in recent years, designers have worked exclusively on their growth, being actively inspired by the 80’s. In the new season, the shoulders are not inclined, but in sharp and rigid angles, exceeding all possible notions of hyper volume. Saint Laurent, Acne Studios and Balmain have shown such options for jackets and overcoats, and Claire White Keller from Givenchy creates a decorative line along the shoulder line to once again emphasize their volume.

Office outfits Paris fall winter 2020 2021

Chess board

Designers show us variations in the size of checkered prints in all the fashion weeks, without exception (the plaid are definitely not going to leave the fashion podiums). This time, the brands sang in unison their love for monochrome checks – this was shown in various manifestations by Maria Grazia Curie for Dior, and Vergil Ablo placed the tiles even on a huge down jacket.


Long boots

Here brands offer us the widest range of options: no matter how long boots look ideal for the new season. In addition, you can combine them with mini skirts and skinny pants.

Long boots at Paris fashion week fall winter 2020 2021


Another vintage accessory and an undeniable trend of the new season are the long gloves made of matte or patent leather, which can become the main focus of your look. We combine them with silk scarves, as did Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly or we wore a single glove, as Melania Trump sometimes does.