Fall-Winter 2015-2015 fashion by Elie Saab and Valentino

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On Paris Fashion Week, all those who opted for feminine and delicate outfits, undoubtely were waiting for ElieSaab and Valentino shows. And designers did not let them down demonstrating outfits in which every woman will definitively feel like a queen.

Elie Saab collection

The collection of ElieSaab presented daily outfits (pants, coats, blouses) and festive long and short dresses.


As regards the color, on the leading positions were the extremely fashionable this year burgundy color. Also, the outfits of the Libyan couturiere were executed from black, turquoise, pastel-pink fabrics. The floral print and abundance of sequins adorned the long and short dresses of the famous couturiere.

Long dresses

The distinctive features of this couturier’s long dresses became the deep neckline and vents. While the abundance of sequins helped making the outfit more festive and introduced a metallic shimmer in the look.

Short dresses

In the creation of short dresses were used combinations of materials such as velvet, silk, chiffon, etc.


It was spoken not once that the Fall-Winter 2015-2015 season will become the peak of popularity for the fur. And the comeback on the podium of the 60’s tells that fur must be in untraditional colors, which actually demonstrated the collection of this designer.

Valentino collection

The schoolgirl look

Valentino collection reflects several trends. First, it is the schoolgirl look, which claims to be this season’s most fashionable trend. A-silhouette dresses or in a trapezoid shape, complemented by a classic collar is the distinctive feature of this look.

Cape coats

Cape coats (mantles) are another trend presented by the Italian fashion designer.

Cape coats

Translucent dresses

Floor lengths translucent dresses, adorned with lace, rhinestones and sequins are another fashion decision of Valentino.

Translucent dresses


In his collection, the designer paid a special attention to prints. Geometrical print, butterflies, big polka dots, flowers, birds could be seen on the podium. The same color looked identically advantageous despite the model of the clothes.

Geometrical print

Big polka dots

Valentino collection

The collections of Elie Saab Valentino, demonstrated during the fashion week in Paris, definitely deserve your attention.

Feel inspired by the work of masters of fashion, look fashionable, but do not forget that the main thing is the style. Fashion is not constant, but a sense of style and good faith to oneself should be an integral part of each of us.

Add to your wardrobe trendy items, but do not forget that clothes should be appropriate for you in the first place. Each has a particular body shape – winning and not quite attractive parts. A nice outfit should emphasize the pros and hide the cons, and not vice versa.