Milan Fashion Week trends, Fall-Winter 2015-2015

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Milan Fashion Week

The fashion week in Italy is well-known for its accessibility. City officials take care of the fashion collections to be seen and appreciated by as many people as possible. If you did not have the possibility to be present at the show, you can stop in front of one of the huge screens placed throughout the city, which traditionally broadcasts fashion shows since 2009.

The Italian Fashion Week is attractive because it is attended by the most famous brands in the world. This is also a kind of springboard for the development of local designers, which, incidentally, make up three quarters of the total number of participants at the shows.

This year’s collection, presented in Milan, was very diverse and at the same time, they traced the overall theme, which allows determining the main trends of the coming fall-winter season 2015-2015. At Milan fashion week was held a real return of the 60’s. The style of famous decades of the last century can be traced in the collections of many famous and novice designers.

The particularities of the 60’s present a tendency to artificiality, which means that false doll lashes, lush hairstyles, wigs and flirty hats, artificial fur in bright shades, stripes and various abstract designs on clothing will be at the peak of popularity.

Main trends of Fall-Winter 2015-2015 season at Milan Fashion Week:

  • Abstract prints
  • Ribbon, additional decor
  • Fabulous form
  • High Shoes
  • Miniskirts
  • T-shaped coats (volumetric)
  • Dresses with simple geometric shapes
  • Colored fur


Abstract prints are one of the distinctive features of the 60’s of the last century, it is true that then preference was given to black and white tones, while today all designers use all the color palette to create the desired effect.

Milan Week trend

Colored fur

By the way, the fashion of bright colors migrated to fur as well.In Fall 2015 and Winter 2016 in trend are artificial and natural fur in all rainbow shades.Especially trendy will be those who will choose the color of wine as a base color.

Milan Fall-Winter

Milan 2015-2015

High boots

Long bootleg boots are fashionable again. They will help add to the look sexuality and elegance. Such model can be combined with a mini skirt and a voluminous coat.

Milan Fashion Week 2015 Versace


Owners of slender legs can rejoice, because the fall-winter show in Milan gave back on the fashion Olympus the mini skirt, missed by so many people.


A-shaped dress

Mini and medium length A-shaped dress is another hit of the 60’s, and therefore an ultra fashionable trend in 2015-2015.

Milan Fashion Week 2016

Dresses in simple geometric shapes (without any additional decor details) and a very accurate collar will help transform an excellent pupil look into a mature wardrobe.

Milan Fashion Week

Fabulous forms

What could be more unnatural than the cartoon theme? Fabulous bags from Moschino will help create the image of the 60’s, and also remind adults about the wonderful childhood, which, unfortunately, will never come back.


T-silhouette coats

Voluminous coats were repeatedly demonstrated during the Italian fashion week. If you want to emphasize the waist then this style of outerwear can be complemented with a strap and the whole image will not be affected at all.

T-silhouette coats

T-silhouette coats

Milan Fashion Week was held under the slogan “Back to the 60’s” and this is a great joy for us. After all, we are expecting a season of bright colors, memorable shapes and catchy makeup. Down with the drub existence; let’s decorate this winter in all shades of red!

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