Shoes Fall 2015

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Choosing stylish shoes for Fall 2015

Shoes have always been one of the most important details of autumn wardrobe. These must be very comfortable, stylish, practical and at the same time, to match women kind. It is also important that shoes fit ideally the foot, creating a feeling that actually you are not wearing it.


Comfort can be stylish if to pay attention to what well know designers offer. From season to season, they strive not only to add brilliance and delicacy, but also to make them extremely comfortable.

Shoes 2015

Style of shoes

Following the results of last shows in Paris, Milano, New York and London, we can highlight some trends in styles of shoes, actual in Fall 2015.

Shoes3 Fall

  • Wide and stable low heel
  • Wide and stable high heel
  • Sharp toe
  • Various options of wedge heels
  • Model of shoes with open heel
  • Shoes with straps
  • Shoes with reptile skin inserts
  • Fur shoes

Shoes decorations in Fall 2015 are also very unusual and diverse. We can see models from classic black made of matte leather to shoes decorated with multicolored stones and executed from reptile skin. Also we can see models of shoes decorated with fur or executed totally from this material. Shoes with metallic toe are not so popular anymore but still can be seen in some collections.



Dolce Gabbana

Emilio Pucci


Now that we have identified the main points that should be present in fashion shoes for Fall 2015, let’s take a closer look to models that recently were seen on the catwalks of Milan, Paris, New York and others.

Sharp toe

The sharp toe is back again on his leader position in Fall 2015. Such model of shoes is seen at many fashion designers. It can be combined with classic stiletto heel or with a plane and stable sole. Any way, sharp toe shoes will certainly give your feet gracefulness and will make them visually look thinner and delicate. Be sure that such feet will have not gone unnoticed.


Giorgio Armani

Jason Wu

Miu Miu

Reed Krakoff


Wide heel

Despite the gracefulness given by classic stiletto shoes, for the second consecutive season, autumn leader pretend to be the stable heel.

Probably it is all about the rhythm of life followed by modern ladies. Time is the most expensive thing in the world and loosing it because of unstable heels are the most undesirable thing.

Wide and stable heel can be both high and almost unnoticeable. The wide heel is often combined with square or rounded toe. In Fall 2015 is also fashionable to complement such footwear with straps, zipped up on ankle area.

Nina Ricci

Mary Katranzou

Dries Van Noten


Saint Laurent

Dolce & Gabbana

Wedge and platform

Fall 2015 is rich in various models on platforms. Such shoes are a great choice for those who want to be on top but do not accept the daily movement on heels. Wedge can be executed in combination with a toe of any shape, even sharp, as Christian Dior’s.




Male style

Imitation of men came up to shoes as well. Last season, the designers tried to put shoes on half of female humanity in rough man’s shoes, and they managed to do that. The incredible popularity of men’s shoes fashion led to updating Fall 2015 collections exactly with this trend.





Shoes with open heel

Another fashion trend was notedin Fall 2015 season. This is a combination of sandals and shoes. The result of this mix is stylish shoes with a closed toe and bare heel. These shoes are suitable for first autumn days, when it is cold to go out in sandals, but not as cold as to wear simple shoes or ankle boots.


Michael Kors


Thinking about how to please your girlfriend? Give her a pair of new shoes. And in order to not make a bad shot with the model, pay attention to the recommendations of famous fashion designers. Believe me, they have spent many days and nights to create what now are gracing the shop windows of a lot of fashionable shops.


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