Paris Fashion Week trends, Fall-Winter 2015-2015

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Paris Fashion Week

The final fashion week out of the most important cities in the world took place in Paris. As a rule, it has attracted the attention of the public, journalists and critics, and is considered the most prestigious in the fashion-industry. It is here where the most famous fashion houses such as Chanel, Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, Balmain, Chloe, Nina Ricci and others show off their creations.

The Paris Fashion Week is considered the most important and that means that trends established here will definitively become the most wanted in the new season.

Fashionable clothes

The practicability of the sport style, the influence of the 60’s and 40’s – all this could be seen during the French shows. Among trendy styles of clothes must be noted the preppy skirt, aimed at spiffing up the look and making mini a daily option of clothing, as well as poncho, executed from tweed or chunky knit jersey.

Preppy skirt

The short skirt, combination of business style and smart casual, will be liked by those who just love wearing mini, as it does not require wearing heeled shoes. Such style can be perfectly combined with so fashionable this season flat shoes.

Saint Laurent


Voluminous coats, demonstrated in the early fashion weeks, continue to conquer the world podium. In Paris, designers gave preference to poncho – a product, characterized by the lack of sleeves and a hole for the head.

Paris 2015-2015

Elongated sleeveless jacket

The female jacket also has undergone modifications. In preparation for the new fall-winter season, this became sleeveless, though it gained a couple of extra inches in length, so if you wear it with a sweater with a voluminous neck and sleeves, you will certainly not freeze.

Christian Dior

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Trendy color

At the Paris Fashion Week, a special attention was paid to the color of the products. So, when looking at the collection we must note the following fashion trends:


All shades of grey will be trendy this season.

Paris Fall-Winter

Paris Grey


The green color can be found in almost every collection from Paris Fashion Week. Somewhere it had a darker shade, somewhere closer to marsh, while the wildest allowed him the right to be bright and juicy. And indeed, why to not add to the snow-white and golden time of year a little green?

Paris 2015

Paris 2016

Big polka dots

Big polka dots, presented in a wide range in Valentino collection, could not go unnoticed. Colorful coats, dresses, skirts and sweaters will make winter become more cheerful.

Big polka dots


It becomes more common to use animal prints for the creation of fashion collections. The true is that this time designers have outdone themselves by deciding to diversify the traditional leopard color with bright accents.

Leopard Paris 2015


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