Almond Shaped Nail Designs Fall 2020

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This season, the almond shape nails are very relevant. To be in the trend, fashionistas of different ages will be able to choose a suitable design in 2020, using images that show the novelties in the area of almond nails.

Almond shape nails 2020

The particularities of almond nails

This type of nails has an elegant, elongated shape, with a perfectly pointed tip, which makes them look visually like almond nuts.

Almond nails designs 2020

Gel nails almond shape

Are almond shaped nails in style

This is the most universal nail shape, which is suitable for fingers of different shapes and sizes:

  • thick,
  • short,
  • medium length,
  • long.

Fall 2020 almond shape nails trend


Such a manicure gives the fingers an elegant and well-groomed look. Women of any age category can choose almond shape nails, which, unlike other designs, offer greater nail plate strength.


Such nail contours look as natural as possible. These allow you to do your household works without worrying that your nail may be damaged.

Almond nails 2020 extensions

Nail art stylists recommend wearing a manicure in the almond shape, the edges of which have a length of 4 to 5 mm. You can also choose the right design for the 2020, presented by the designers in the images below. Almond shaped nails are very diverse.

Color range

In the fall 2020 season, on such a manicure you can create nail designs in different colors. In the images down below you can see the latest options.

Almond nails colors trends fall 2020

Hearted almond nails

For this season, bright and pastel shades for almond shape are the most suitable:

  • gold,
  • claret,
  • green,
  • white,
  • yellow,
  • red.

You can use nail polishes with a matte and glossy texture. To make the hands look flawless, the nails must also be well groomed.



  • must have a correct shape;
  • cuticle care should be performed regularly;
  • when caring the nails the symmetry must be respected.

Any shade is suitable for almond shaped nails. The main thing is to take good care of the nails and to choose the design option corresponding to the chosen look.

Red-white almond nails

blue gel

A classic manicure and the boldest ideas will look ideal on this nail shape.

Nail designs

Stylists offer a large number of design options for such nails. Fashionistas will be able to choose any type of manicure performed in one or more techniques simultaneously, depending on the image they choose.

Almond nail designs 2020 autumn with painted flowers

The almond shape of the nails helps nail artists to embody the boldest ideas, creating true works of art.

White almond nails

Today fashion is a minimalist style manicure. The abundant decoration of the nails, elaborate drawings, the fanciful Chinese painting is no longer in trend. Instead, nail designers offer original options with themed texts written on one or two nails.


The presented description of the fashion trends in nail design for 2020 with a selection of photos invites you to get acquainted with the fall novelties.

French Manicure

The classic and universal technique of French manicure execution allows you to create an elegant and feminine look. It is fashionable French manicure executed in the classic white, applied on a colorless base.

Almond shaped nails 2020 french

Long almond nails with french


French with glitter

In addition, nail artists offer unexpected color combinations in which traditional shades are replaced with bright and contrasting shades, and the line becomes a broken line or is combined with two shades.

The technique of making French manicure can be combined with other methods of applying the line. ”The eye see you technique” will be particularly relevant.

Half-moon manicure

This nail design is back in trend in the year 2020. The photos will show the novelties for autumn, which can be chosen especially for the almond shaped nails. Such a manicure can be simple, elegant and refined. The masters propose to perform it in a new non-standard technique, changing the shape and position of the moon and using different materials for decoration.

Nail patterns with almond shape for fall 2020 halfmoon

half moon short




Red almond nails 2020

The half moon manicure made in the negative space style will also be relevant this season.

Ombre Nails

Nail artists offer a combination of white with pastel shades that create the effect of ombre. This is the most fashionable design made by ombre technique. It is suitable for everyday pictures, including going to the office.

Fall almond shaped nails designs

gel ombre


light color ombre nails

At a gala event, you can combine bright colors. In the coming season, the combination of red and blue will be relevant.

Nude Manicure

Nude shades become the leaders of next fall, and this season will be relevant shades of:

  • quartz pink,
  • coffee,
  • beige
  • cream.

Nude almond nails


The advantage of such a nail design is that you can use a nail in a single shade and a small amount of decoration. This almond shaped nail design is suitable for everyday wear. For the evening version, the pastel base can be decorated with bright decoration and glittering pebbles.

Pink pale almond nails designs


You can also combine a matte and glossy nail polish, creating spectacular nail combinations in the style of a nude manicure.


This fall, the glitter manicure is a much demanded one. You can apply a monochrome gold base, as well as combined with graphic images in dark colors.

Fall almond nails 2020 with glitter


The following materials can be used to perform this manicure:

  • glitter nail polishes,
  • sequins,
  • confetti.

To create an elegant golden or shiny manicure, you do not need to cover all nails with nail polish, but just a few. It is enough to cover a few nails on each hand to give them a neat and elegant look.


Simple almond shaped manicure with glitter


Bohemian nails

Bohemian nails return to fashion and are applied on the top layer. Egyptian hieroglyphs, graphic patterns of traditional embroidery, African motifs and other motifs present in folk art from different cultural traditions can now be applied on our nails.

Bohemian nails in almond shape 2020


Ethnic style drawings on almond shaped nails


Clear geometric lines and abstract shapes are relevant this fall. They can be applied on the basis of the nail or on the top of it, used in French or half-moon manicure.

Almond nails geometric designs fall 2020




Matte Nails

Impressive look also the matte coated nails that you can use as a single option, either in combination with decorative elements or glossy nail polishes.

Matte almond nails fall 2020




Almond shape nails in matte dark colors

A variety of designs will allow women of all ages, who have almond shaped nails, to choose a manicure that is current and fashionable this season.