Fashionable fur coats Fall – Winter 2015 – 2016

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The fur coat is an expensive and desirable item. Not many can boast a large number of these furs items in the wardrobe, so when choosing a fur coat, it is important not to miscalculate and get a fashionable and durable model.

Designers do not try in vain to preserve the usual form of fur coats because fur is an expensive material and requires a special treatment. Usually, they modify the details of this outerwear, for example, the hood, pockets, collar or sleeve length. Many designers are experimenting with color, dying fur in unusual shades, so every fashionista will be able to choose the product that reflects her character.

Fashionable fur coats for Fall-Winter 2015 are characterized by bright colours and the medium length, as well as have a standing collar and ¾ sleeves. Although this is a very superficial look presented in Milan, London, Paris and New York collections. Do not forget that every designer strives for perfection, trying to create most fashionable and practical things. We offer a more detailed study on the model of fur coats with which to deal in the coming cold season.


One of the most recent models of the coming winter will be the retro fur coat. Characteristic features of these products are the volume, short sleeves, and concealed buttons. Retro fur coats may be hooded or with a standing collar.

Fur coats

Fashionable fur

Designers do not hurry to give up on their beloved classics. Classic models of fur coats will never remain behind fashion features, because the demand for them is increasing. These are characterized by medium length and pastel shades. Such fur coat is able to refine the image and give its possessor the title of queen.

Fur 2015

Coats 2015

Coats Fall-Winter


Modern models differ by the combination of different furs. The combination of two or more fur in one item is very popular. Designers also love to experiment with cutting and trimming techniques.




Days when ladies wore long length fur coats are in the past. Now this is not practical and is very expensive, not everyone is able to afford such a luxury. But a medium length to the knee or two hands below it fur coat is a quite affordable pleasure. Such model will warm and refine the look. Stand collars and wide belts are also in trend.



Shortened models of coats are another trend of Fall-Winter 2015-2015 seasons. In the coming winter, designers recommend to purchase short models of coats with a big fur collar or hood. This item is very practical and will allow you to easily move around the city, will warm during the winter countryside walks or complement an evening dress.




As for trendy colors of fur coats in the next cold season, here designers have tried to please everyone. Of course, they will never abandon the classic shades of fur products, but given the desire of fashionistas to stand out, they increasingly dyed the fur in bright and vivid colors. Red, green and blue fur coats are in trend in Fall 2015. Not less stylish look fur items of classic style in animalistic colors.

Tom Ford




The fur coat has always been considered an element of luxury and affluence. Deciding to buy this item, do not be lazy and find out all features of the model. The main quality of fur clothing is the comfort and softness, although we should not forget also about the quality of the product. A fur coat should not only look fashionable but also match its price.


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