Trendy makeup Fall 2015

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Makeup trends for Fall 2015


Makeup plays an equally important role in creating the image as clothes, shoes and accessories. Correctly underlined eyes are able to charm and seduce, and lips can seduce even the most pretentious man. Makeup – is a secret weapon of a female that helps her to be different every day. Today a Queen, tomorrow a vamp lady, and after a couple of days a young sweet wife – all this is possible to create using brushes and face care products.

Creation of a full and harmonious look is a science. No wonder there are such a huge number of stylists and designers. Their main task is to help us understand the world of fashion, highlight the most current models of clothes and shoes, show the most fashionable hairstyles of the season and, of course, actual make-up trends. Designers are always ready to help those who are not confident in their own ability to correctly match colors, styles and fabrics. And indeed, why reinvent the wheel when you can turn to professionals, or spy on their work.

Trendy makeup

Makeup Fall

Today we will see some makeup ideas presented on fashion week in Paris, Milano, New York and London.

Smokey eyes – the hit of the season

Smokey eyes are still trendy. The smudge effect makeup demonstrated models like Diane von Furstenberg, Prada, Rodarte and many others. The color palette of this style can serve pastel tones and the most preferable became pink, purple, gold and sand colours.

Makeup 2015

Gold on eyes is a fashion trend in Fall-Winter 2015-2015. Shimmering eyeshadows will help create a suave look or can be used as an additional accent to an already existing base.

Gold on eyes

Rock and Roll style

The Rock and Roll style found its place on catwalks for Fall-Winter 2015-2015 collections.

A black pencil or eye shadow applied on the eyes is again super fashionable and relevant. This trend is very close with smoky makeup and the favourite smoky eyes.

Rock and Roll


Wings in all shapes and sizes from the broad to subtle could be seen on the shows of the Fall-Winter collections.


Lower lid wings – the hit of the season

Looking at the collection of famous designers, the relevance of this makeup is impossible not to note. A large number of fashion houses opted for makeup with wings, namely they decided to emphasize the expressiveness of models using the lower lid wings.

Lower lid wings

Doll eyes

Nothing adds more expressiveness to the look than long eyelashes. Stylists like Rochas, Versace and Gucci have used exactly this secret, and awarded its models with “doll eyes.” Today, almost every woman can afford fluffy false eyelashes. Their care will not be hard, but the effects will definitively surprise many.

Doll eyes

Nude make-up

The desire to be beautiful without any additional elements is present in every woman, so natural or nude make-up remains in trend this season. Nude make up does not mean you will have no makeup. On contrary, to create a natural look sometimes is much harder than to draw wings and bright lips. See how coped with this task stylists Marios Schwab, 3.1 Phillip Lim.

Nude make-up

Gothic paleness

Model from Givenchy, Alexander Wang, Alexander McQueen appeared in front of the public having the look of “gothic paleness.” Pastel shades of eyeshadows, light eyebrows, nude lips are the hallmarks of this style. A porcelain skin is one more subtlety of the “gothic” makeup. In creating this image is important not to overdo it, and yet leave the girl the right to be similar to a mannequin, but not to a sick person.

Gothic paleness

Bright lips

Bright and juicy lips are preferred not only by women but also by men. In Fall 2015 combine fashionable juicy shades of lipstick with no less saturated eye makeup. Wings and bright lips is a tandem that virtually fits every self-confident woman. The shades of lipstick can have a glossy effect, if you want to create the wet lips effect, or matte, when the image requires some restraint. Give preference not only to the already loved burgundy color, but also to tasty berry shades, juicy carrots, scarlet, purple, fuchsia, lilac, plum and even caramel color.

Bright lips

Bright lips

As you see, there are a lot of makeup variations, all we have it to choose the appropriate one. Take a look at your outfit and complete your look with suitable eyeshadows and lipstick. And remember: a beautiful woman is a groomed woman!

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