Max Mara Pre-Fall Collection 2015

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Max Mara Pre-Fall

When outside it is not summer anymore but it is still too early to think about fur coats, it is the perfect time to pay attention to the pre-fall collections, demonstrated in time on podiums.

So today we will find more information about the collection by Max Mara – the Italian fashion house designed for stylish and business ladies.

When your day is full of events and you have no time to go home and change your clothes, but you still want to look trendy, you have to thoroughly organize your wardrobe and stop your choice at the elegant comfort.

It was already proved that a uniform can be stylish and sexy, while office outfits not always boring and gray.

The Max Mara collection is the combination of practicability and minimalistic design that it clothes have no additional accessories and décor. All is severe and reserved- pockets, buttons, and arrows on pants and waistbands on the waist.


The following elements of the wardrobe are presented in the collection:

  • Voluminous coats
  • Bermuda shorts
  • Cut down trousers
  • Loose tops
  • Tunica

As you may see, the style of the clothes is comfortable enough, no mini or maxi dresses. The outfit must be appropriate for office work, as well as for a business dinner or after the end of a working day.

Max Mara Fall

Max Mara Fall

Max Mara Fall


The color palette of the collection is also characterized by modesty. These are pastel shades, gray, pink, beige, black. Designers paid a special attention to the color of the tights – these are 2-3 tones darker than the natural skin tone. Also, designers advice to choose tights with a medium thickness in army green color.

Max Mara Collection


The Max Mara collection of handbags is mainly represented by medium size items, short handles, and similar to clothes, there are no additional décor elements.

Max Mara Handbags


The lifestyle of a business lady is a continuous running on interviews, or at business meetings. And in the lunch time she has also to manage to pop into. Generally speaking, having such a rhythm, she has to choose the footwear with more care because if it is not comfortable, then the whole mood will be negative.

Max Mara designers have taken into account all the components of working days of office workers and business women and proposed a variant of footwear on a stable low heel, closed toe, elevated tongue and slightly rounded toe. There are shoes with open and close heel.

Max Mara Footwear