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Today, one of the most beautiful Hollywood actress turns 39. Probably like us, you also refuse to believe she has that age that is why we invite you to see together the beauty secrets of forever young Charlize Theron.

Charlize Theron

Someday, women will win this world,” said in an interview Charlize Theron. Yes, if all the beautiful half of humanity will look like her at 39, the victory is really not far.

Height 177 cm, weight 54 kg, a long swan neck, graceful facial features like drawn by a talented artist, a porcelain skin, always an upbeat chin, proud, but at the same time kind and open gaze. Charlize’s flexible body, confident manner of walking, moving hips and olive eyes is maddening figures of the fashion world, famous directors and men around the world. Yes, I’m a sexual being. And I must admit, I always use that plus. “

But Charlize was not going to content herself with titles of beauty and sexuality, and has established herself as a talented actress, ready to act both in romantic comedies, and in melodramas and thrillers. The worldwide success came after the legendary movie Devil’s Advocate” (1997), where the 22-year-old aspiring actress was honored to work with Al Pacino and Keanu Reeves.

Charlize Theron

Then followed the work with Woody Allen, Ron Underwood, Pat O’Connor. Charlize’s mates became Hollywood’s most famous men Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, Ben Affleck, Mark Wahlberg and many others. In 2004, the actress received the “Oscar” award for the role of a prostitute killer in the criminal drama “Monster.”

Over the past 20 years, during which the world is watching Charlize, nothing has changed. The star always adheres to the classics both when choosing clothes, and for the selection of beauty images. Despite the love for extreme and risk, the actress does not like to experiment with her appearance. The ton-up “bob” or temporary transformation into a brunette for a new role even in looks unexpected for her, Charlize managed to look elegant and sophisticated.

Natural make up

Charlize Theron

The main beauty trick of the star is the natural make up, promoted by her before it became popular. The ideal skin tone, bright skin, accurate eyebrows and eyelashes, warm blushes, a slight lip contour and a nude lipstick are Charlize most preferred products for the red carpet.

Bright lips

Charlize Theron

Even at the end of the 90’s, in the era of glitter and eye-catching make up, the actress  sticked to the nude gamma, only occasionally putting an accent on the lips. For example, Theron repeatedly resorted to wine and carmine lipstick to create a spectacular retro image.

But when choosing hairstyles, Charlize loves to experiment. Romantic hairstyles, flirty styling, playful curls and tresses, everyday pony tails and fashionable fleeces Theron can emphasize her dignity and look tempting both with long, and with ultra short hair, which she has for several years.

6 beauty secrets of the amazing Charlize

Charlize Theron

  • The glowing skin effect, for which Theron is so praised, the actress achieves very easy on the prepared skin, she applies a powdery shimmer and never uses powder. 
  • Charlize is not using makeup removers, as she believes that these can damage the structure of the skin. As a replacement, she uses wipes. While to remove the traces of shadows and mascara, the actress uses under eye cream, and then she removes with a stick all unwanted residues. 
  • In case if at the end of a long and difficult day Theron has to appear on the red carpet, she uses a concealer-pencil along the inner lash line so that her glance looked fresh and relentless
  • Charlize never leaves home without applying a cream with a high level of protection from UV-rays even in rainy weather. By the way, the star often changes the skin care products, so as to not cause addiction to certain products
  • In everyday life, Theron does not use hair dryers and can go outside even with wet hair
  • Charlize has refined figure inherently, but to keep it in shape, she practices yoga for many years. Also, the star loves to ride a bike.

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