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In recent years, our daily rhythm experiences significant changes, directing the evolution vector towards comfort. Modern ladies’ habits also have changed completely, they choosing a healthy lifestyle. Noisy parties are replaced by healthy sleep and relaxation sitting on a bed or burning calories in the gym. This influences fashion trends and designers and stylists are working hard on the creation of more natural and comfortable looks. These features have come to 2018 makeup trends as well. In this article we make a revision in the bag with cosmetics and we will provide some tips that will help you choose the right makeup for any event.

Makeup 2018

Makeup in Spring-Summer Collections 2018

Light Textures

Nude makeup aims to highlight the natural beauty of the face. As Coco Chanel said: A woman who doesn’t use cosmetics has too high opinion of herself. Agree that not all women are endowed by nature with a flawless complexion and expressive facial features. But this is no reason to hide it under a thick layer of foundation and makeup of all colors and all textures. Every woman is beautiful in her own way, therefore, it is important to put the right accents. Nude makeup will hide all the flaws, but being so light, nobody will notice it on your face. Empower yourself with foundation and powder with a light texture, add a little blush, apply black mascara on the eyelashes and the day look is done.


Day makeup 2018

Fashion Makeup 2018: Shining eyeshadows

This season, gold, bronze and silver are not material for making jewelry, but eye decorations. In addition, the glitter gets out the mobile lid. Now it completes the corners of the eye, reaching the cheekbones, but the most interesting looks the glitter under the brow. This makeup is very easy and is ideal for an evening out or to go to a party or theater.

What makeup to wear


Eye makeup glitter eyeshadows

Unshaped Eyebrows

The catwalks from fashion capitals say aloud that we no longer need pencils and eyebrow tweezers. A special brush will serve arranging the eyebrows, and the result can be fixed using a special colorless gel. The main reason is naturalness. Keep your natural shape (especially if you have thick eyebrows). You can play with the direction of hair growth, combing them up.

What eyebrow shape to wear

Fashion eyebrows

Infinite Eyeliner

Eyeliner does not go out of style, but they change beyond recognition. Extravagant eyeliner lines from last presentations are true works of art and eye makeup is done only with black eyeliner, sometimes with shiny drops.

Festive makeup


fashion eyeliner

Changing the classic smokey eyes makeup

The most popular makeup in the beauty industry gets newer becoming attractive and extravagant as possible. Certainly in everyday life, even the most daring ladies will not risk repeating the makeup of Saint Laurent and Marc Jacobs presentations, however, no one prohibits to minimize the intensity of eyeshadows colors. If you chose smokey eyes makeup, then you should not put emphasis on the lips, or to appeal to a too aggressive contouring.

Smokey eyes makeup


Bright Lipstick Color

On the other side of nude makeup are promoted lipsticks in intense and dark shades: from dark chocolate color to marsala, so popular this season. Do not perform an intense eye makeup. If however you decide to experiment on your lips and apply a dark lipstick, then you have to consider several aspects. Dark colors are very sensitive to defects, therefore, opt for quality lipsticks. Under the basic shade apply a fixing product and make an outline of the lips. Do not forget to moisturize your lips.

Fashion lipstick 2018

Professional Makeup

Evening makeup ideas

What products should contain your cosmetic bag

Nowadays, the contouring technique enjoys a great popularity. This represents the correction of facial features using special cosmetics after what the face change beyond recognition. However, there is no need to run off to the first store after a sculpting palette, to turn on video lessons from makeup artists, and apply on your skin all kinds of cosmetics. Remember that what looks ideal in picture and movie does not always have the same results in real life. Considering that the basic emphasis is placed on naturalness, your skin tone should be ideal. Moreover, it does not mean you can not change with makeup, while preserving naturalness. Therefore, let’s see the products that allow minimizing defects.

  • Highlighter

The highlighter is a very famous cosmetic product that allows illuminating certain skin areas of the chin, cheekbones and under the T zone. Why the highlighter is a must have in the cosmetics bag of a modern lady? The answer is simple: one of this season trends is the so-called “gym skin” effect, as if you just got out of the gym. In other words, the effect of slightly damp skin. Do not forget that your highlighter can play with you a bad game highlighting skin imperfections or pigmentation or dilated pores. Therefore, the state of the skin is very important. Before applying the highlighter, it is necessary to apply a mask or to nourish the skin. On lips, apply a lip gloss or a colorless lipstick in shades of beige or pink, this will intensify the effect.

Makeup trends


  • Concealer

This product is used to mask imperfections, being at the same time more effective than your foundation as it may hide even the highest spots of pigmentation. Because concealer color palette, it can neutralize any defects. However, the product will be used only locally, in combination with foundation with light texture applied over the concealer. First, identify the color and type of the defect. If your problem is visible veins or bags under the eyes, then a yellow concealer can help. Yellowish hue of skin, pigmentation and blemishes can be hidden with the purple color and the most common problems such as acne and redness will be neutralized by green color.


Day makeup for blondes

  • Face Foundation

The face foundation is used by many women and each of them knows how to choose it by type and skin tone. Certainly, ideally is to opt for mild creams that do not block pores, preventing skin to breathe. No need to save money when buying a face foundation. It will make your skin look healthy and beautiful, and a product chosen incorrectly, can cause unwanted allergic reactions.

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If you use a foundation daily, then we recommend you to draw attention to BB and CC creams. These products combine self-care cream and concealers. Adapting to skin tone, it disguises imperfections and moisturizes the skin. What is its main distinctive feature? The CC cream action is directed at improving skin color, refreshing it. BB cream corrects imperfections (light pigmentation spots, rashes and so on). Although, the for owners of problematic skin, these creams can not replace the foundation, but for the summer, creams are ideal. For oily and combination skin, CC creams are suitable, these having a matte texture, while BB creams are ideal for dry skin.

Evening makeup with bright lips


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