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Today, July 24, J Lo celebrates her B-Day but can you believe she is 45? The beauty and youth of the singer is not getting anywhere with passing years that is why, in this special day, we decided to remind you about her beauty secrets.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez meets her 45th anniversary in a great shape: she dedicated the last few months to lose weight and getting rid of a couple of extra kilos and centimeters to get closer to the parameters of famous top models. The star coped great with this task  – Jennifer has become much leaner, but the most noticeable changes were reflected in her famous buttocks, which the singer prided so long, while Lopez fans – admired them. She even insured this especially valuable part of the body for a fabulous amount of 300 million dollars. And now, they say, she was able to cut down about 8 centimeters volume. All thanks to the fact that Jennifer refused to eat animal food – she was on a vegan diet for a month.

Jennifer Lopez

It’s still unknown what made Jennifer to loose weight but we know for sure she would never not do that in the past. Back in the 90’s – a time when the future star’s career just started, she said “no” to the zero size, which at that time she aspired to (and still continues to) in the circles of celebrities. This confidence in her own attractiveness became part of her success. Gradually, she achieved what she wanted to: she became the first Latino-American actress, with a honorary summed at a million worth honorary for a movie, then the most famous pop-singer.

Beauty secrets

After fame and popularity, followed numerous outlets in the light that offered J.Lo even more opportunities to show off to others in all her glory. She still does not miss a chance to show off too much and prefers tight fit outfits that show the best side of her feminine shapes. The makeup and hairstyles are always thoroughly thought. The honey-colored curls with blonde glimpses are styled flawlessly – neatly on the shoulders, gathered in a lush high beam or an elegant tail. In makeup, Jennifer often focuses on the eyes, smoky eyes in gray or brown tones is her favorite technique, while on her lips she applies a light lip gloss. Another distinctive feature of her images is the glowing skin. Sometimes she makes a warmer tone using bronzer powder.

5 beauty secrets of Jennifer

– What is the secret of Jennifer’s youthful skin ? As the singer says, more than 10 years ago, her former makeup artist Scott Barns Lopez advised her to not sunbathe. Listening to the advises, Jennifer started to use more sun protection creams and replaced the natural tan with the artificial. And this was not achieved by attending a solarium, but with a bronzer safe for the skin.

– The singer is convinced that the beauty is not only cosmetics and regular procedures, but also a good rest, needed for the whole body. “Sometimes, thinking about what to do next, we forget about the most important, indispensable to life things. I value very much the sleeping hours. It is as important as eating or practicing sports”, says Jennifer.

– Her cosmetics bag has not many care products. “I mostly use base products as I believe that less mean more. My cosmetologist gives me face cleaning products and I need them to be very professional as I am applying make up on my face several good years! I also use soft make up remover productse  and a simple mosturizing face cream with SPF””, confessed the singer.

– During celebration entrances on the red carpet, Jennifer always has in her clutch oil absorbing sheets – these, according to the star’s makeup artist Mary Phillips, helps her skin to look flawless, and “prolong the life” of her makeup. These wipes help remove shine, without damaging the layer of foundation from her face.

– Jennifer’s beautiful body is the result of not only a proper nutrition and diet, but also regular exercises without which the star can not imagine her life. Now she works on her body together with the famous instructor Tracy Anderson. Dancing helps her to keep herself in shape as these are an intensive and effective cardio training. Tracy combines them with strength exercises on different muscle groups.

Jennifer Lopez

With such efforts, which she invests in self-care, Jennifer is not afraid of the coming birthdays – people around are saying that this woman simply refuses to get old. And that means that we will long enjoy the beauty and the young singer.

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