Beauty trends 2015-2015 or what eyeshadows are in fashion

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Beauty trends 2016

Despite the fact that outside is already noticeably colder, do not despair and envelop yourself in gray and black colors and spend time alone, waiting for the arrival of spring. The heat must live within you, no matter the time of year.

Today we will try to add to your life bright colors and start with the makeup.

Fashion eyeshadows

Bright eyeshadows are not a sign of vulgarity. On the contrary, many fashion stylists recommend during the cold season to apply on the upper eyelid flickering and juicy tones. At the same time, choose clothes in more subdued shades of autumn.

Eyeshadows 2016 Bright eyeshadows

The most fashionable color of eyeshadows in spring-summer 2015-2015 is the emerald green.

You can come to this conclusion if analyzing the fashion shows organized in the “four fashion countries”: Paris Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, and London Fashion Week.

Such world famous brands like Chanel, Anna Sui, Andrea Incontri, Dior used different shades of green to create a fashionable image of their models. Someone gave preference to pearlescent shades, others chose matte colors.

Stylists recommend: “If eyeshadows are not enough for you, choose an eye pencil from the same color range”.

How to combine green eyeshadows?

The majority of stylists decided to combine such make-up with the color blocking trend, which involves a combination of two or more vibrant shades. And if the eyes are in emerald, all compliments are yours.


By the way, the emerald color smoothly migrated to the spring-summer 2016 beauty trends, becoming one of the main colors of nail polish. About what other variations on the theme nail polish for spring-summer 2016 fashion experts advice to create, see here.