What is contouring

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You can transform the features of your face as you want them to be, and you do not need to take drastic measures – like for example do risky plastic surgeries. All is much more easier: you need brushes, skin foundations of different shades and minimal contouring skills.


Contouring became popular when celebrities started to share this secret, posting photos with their face drawn in lines made with the help of light and dark face  foundations. All this graphics was nothing more than “a draft” of the future face. Light and dark shades allow to create a game with light and shadows, thanks to which separate areas of the face are contoured while others hidden, narrowed, visually made smaller and less visible.


Face foundations will help hide the imperfections and this has to be at least one (or even three) times darker than the natural skin tone. For this same purpose can also serve a bronzing powder. While to underline the face perfections in the contouring process will serve either a very light face foundation (one or two shades lighter than your skin tone will be sufficient), or a highlighter. By the way, before proceeding to the visual effect, don’t forget to even the skin with the help of your usual face foundation and also to set it with the powder.


Let’s see how to correctly improve separate areas of the face.

The forehead

With the forehead, as a rule, proceed as follows: at the edges, at the hairline and with the help of a brush, you should apply a brown shade (pay a special attention to temple area), and in the middle of the forehead, from the nose and above, you need to apply a light cream or a highlighter. After blending, the facial features will become more voluminous, while the width of the forehead will narrow.


Cheekbone are the main area of the face, that will be emphasized in the contouring process. It is no coincidence that expressive and high cheekbones are considered a source of pride, because they give the appearance a sculptural and noble look. Therefore, in the contouring process make the greatest emphasis on the cheekbones. Visually draw a straight line from the top of the ear to the corner of the mouth, and in this direction apply a dark product. To avoid mistakes, use the good old method: retract cheeks and distribute the product in that part which has become hollow. Closer to the contour of the face, the brown color has to be more intense than in the middle of the cheek. Do not worry if the color of the skin looks too bright and dark, and the lines seem to be too clear and graphical for the makeup you should carefully blend all shades to make your cheekbones look as natural as possible. But do not overdo it if you have a rather narrow face because with the help of these techniques, it will stretch even more.

The nose

You can apply the contouring technique on your nose as well, making it look more refined. If you think your nose has some imperfections, then contouring will help eliminate them. Do you think that the nose is too wide? Apply a dark cream or powder on the side of the nose along the entire length, and the highlighter on the nasal arch. Thus is created the visual effect of a narrow nasal bridge. Worried about the length of your nose? Darken the tip.


3 contouring advices

When choosing the contouring products, avoid reddish and orange shades. Instead of making your facial features more expressive, they will do dirt to your skin tone.

When looking for a contouring highlighter, do not opt for those products which contain large, visible to the naked eye shimmering particles. They will look  unnaturally on the face. The highlighter should be a little lighter than your natural skin tone and give it a light, subtle glow.

One of the contouring technique makes your sight more piercing, centered and cocky. To do this, slightly darken the arc, which is located between the beginning of the eyebrows and the bridge of the nose.

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