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Makeup trends for the year 2019 seem to be more suited for festive events: an abundance of glitter, golden glitter and shadows in the most unusual shades. However, there are several simple ideas that will be useful in everyday life. This year, of course, you need to make a complete review of cosmetic products, especially of those you use daily: just leave a complex skin with a light texture, a blush and a lip gloss! Unusual ways of applying lipstick, ruffled eyebrows and false eyelashes – we’ll talk about all of these things and many more!

Makeup 2019

Makeup in the style of the 60’s

Big baby doll eyes and cosmic eyelashes are the aesthetics of the 60’s. Of course, you do not have to draw long lines up to the stars, apply false eyelashes and tons of makeup on your eyelids, but some ideas will still have to be written down.
Rule # 1: this season most natural eyebrows are what you need. For the thick eyebrows owners, the task is simplified: they will brush gently, and then the effect will be fixed with a specially designed transparent gel. Otherwise, choose a pencil or an eyeshadow to simplify your work!

Day makeup 2019

Evening makeup 2019

Rule #2 – make the eyes bigger. For this, experiment with the eyeliner, the length of the eyelashes and their volume. Last season we’ve already talked about a very strange trend – false eyelashes, and this year they have once again been preferred by stylists, especially in combination with eyeliners in bright shades. In addition, for an evening makeup, you can use the smoky eyes technique, applying the following trick: to visually extend the incision of your eyes, you need to apply white and light shadows to the mucous membranes of the lower eyelid.

Makeup trends 2019


What makeup to wear in 2019

Make up in gold shades

The golden glitter has conquered the beauty industry! And this year, such a palette of shadows obviously should not miss you. Having your golden shades with creamy texture in your arsenal, you can create an incredibly light and feminine makeup using black mascara, an cheek blush and a lip gloss in nude shades. For an evening look, you can multiply everything by two, making eye makeup brighter and applying a lipstick in matte red shades or shade of wine.

Eye makeup 2019


What eyebrows to wear in 2019

Makeup with golden shades

Coral Lipstick

Lately, the popularity of lipsticks in unusual and sometimes strange colors has increased considerably. This season is proposing that you do not waste your time and go to a specialized store to get a lipstick in the coral shade. This acquisition will become a magic wand in creating day and evening makeup. The combination of pink and carrot shades does not require the presence of a certain image style, such as red, so it can be safely placed in the “For all occasions” category.

What lipstick color to wear in 2019

Makeup with emphasize on lips 2019


Blurry Contour

After the old habit, we apply a special lip base before applying the lipstick, then carefully crop out the lines along the lips with a pencil (which, in fact, fits perfectly with the lipstick) and then apply the primary color. A bloody process, is not it? This year brings a slight negligence in fashionable makeup, showing shades from the darkest to the lightest in the opposite direction. You can try the following trick: apply a small amount of lipstick punctually in the middle of your lips and lightly blush with your fingers.

Evening makeup trends 2019

Professional makeup


No makeup Effect

Day makeup in 2019 will often play with us the pick-a-boo game! A fashionable makeup now hides carefully how many hours you spent in the morning in front of the mirror. It seems that everything here is extremely simple from where the question arises: do we need makeup in general? Let’s start with the most important thing: any nude makeup requires a perfect skin that today is considered a luxury, since we are every day at an extremely fast pace, trying to cope with stress, lack of sleep and the influence of other negative factors. In this case, you must have a lightweight skin cream or BB cream that helps to level the skin, a corrector that hides minor defects (inflammation or scratches), blush or highlighter to refresh the look. For the rest, you only need black mascara, a colorless eyebrow gel and a nude lipstick.

Simple day makeup

Fashion thick eyebrows




At a future party, the disco mood needs to be created on the eyelids. Such a precious gloss box must be fitted with every fashionista, and the beauty industry offers plenty of options: shadows, eyeliners, mascara, and even a special pigment – all of this is quite persistent, because at midnight you do not have to be afraid that the magic will disappear.

bright eyeshadows



Makeup 2019 smokey eyes


Clearly defined lines of the cheekbones went into second place. Considering the incredible popularity of a healthy lifestyle, mass madness for sports and proper nutrition, and shades of cheeks in bright colors also appear in fashion. We remember the effect of the gym last year (the effect of the wet skin on the face, as if you just finished the training). This year, choose pink cheeks with abundant blush: from soft peach shades to intense terracotta.




The 2019 makeup trends inspire us to experiment, and the trends fluctuate literally from one extreme to another: from the blinding brilliance of precious metals and abundant glitter to the barely visible nude effect. Do not hesitate to try them all!

festive makeup ideas


Professional evening makeup 2019



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