Makeup Trends Fall-Winter 2017-2017

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Makeup is an important element of any female image. Psychologists say the presence of a specific cosmetic product can tell a lot about the character of a woman, about her self presentation and self-expression modes. However, most modern fashionistas, besides their own passions, are accustomed to consider fashion trends as well. Let’s see what are the rules of beauty that ladies must take into account in 2017-2017 fall-winter season.

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Natural beauty is what actively promotes the fashion brands in their latest fashion shows. This means that in the opinion of many designers, all beauty comes from the natural look of skin without skin foundations and creams, natural lips and lashes. But do not think that is very easy to achieve such an effect. Usually, not everyone can look nice and fresh without a bit of makeup as the lack of a corrective product reveals all skin imperfections. If you decide to follow this trend, you need to take care of your skin to the fullest. A natural look does not mean a complete lack of makeup. Yet most brands focus on a certain portion of the face by means of helpful products. Usually, these are the lips, on which can be applied lilac, pink or carroty lipgloss.

fall winter 2017 2018 day makeup

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We must mention the timeliness of thick black eyebrows. If nature has not endowed you with such eyebrows, then you can get this effect using an eyebrow pencil with the right color. Usually, such eyebrows attract all the attention, which means that it is not necessary to apply other products on your face so as to not load the rest of the image. In this case, we recommend only fine eyeliner or mascara on the eyelashes.

simple makeup

school makeup 2018

emphasized eyebrows

Bleached Eyebrows

While some designers emphasize thick and black eyebrows, another part suggests the opposite – according to them, this part of the face should be fully bleached. We really need to say that this trick is suitable only for owners of a lighter hair because in this case these will not create that sharply contrast. Owners of bleached hair strands or of a darker hair may opt to bleach their eyebrows with a lighter shade.

makeup trends fall 2017 winter 2018: bleached eyebrows

blonde eyebrows

Emphasized Lips

Emphasized lips are another hot trend of the cold season. The brands suggest us to use saturated and faded shades of orange (Fendi, Maison Margiela, Erdem), juicy claret (Sibling) and lipsticks in shades of red and fuchsia (Prada, Proenza Schouler, Gucci). Moreover, emphasizing a certain part of the face assumes a neutral makeup on another part of it. If you have decided to apply an orange lipstick on your lips, then let your eyes untouched and vice versa. This way you can look modern and stylish, and not vulgar.

Makeup with emphasized eyes


Makeup ideas with focus on lips

red lips modern makeup


Graphic Lines

Simple and straight winged eyeliner no longer impress anyone. No, that does not mean they are no longer fashionable. This means nothing else than that for most makeup artists, they have become rather boring and for this reason, experts in the field of beauty decided to present them in other interpretations: black and precise lines with original curves in unusual places. From now on, the winged eyeliner can be located on the upper eyelid just below the eyebrows or intersect the face starting from the inner side of the eyebrows and to the sides of the nose. There are many options and the important is the desire to “wear” such makeup.

Fall 2017 makeup trends


natural makeup


What makeup to wear in 2018

Makeup in gothic style

Modern fashion is wonderful because it allows women to quit inhibition, without hiding passions and artistic skills. Passionate of Gothic style are those that have the highest self-expression need. In this case, ladies choose the most nontrivial looks, which also include a specific makeup. Pale skin, accentuated lips, excessive black eyes, black lipstick – so-called dark beauty can be harmoniously matched with leather chokers, leather clothes, latex, extravagant hairstyles and original hair color.

Makeup 2017 2018 gothic style

winter 2018 makeup trends



Claret Lips

Besides so requested orange and intense red, shades of claret will be also very popular. Those who love such colors must take a special care because such lipsticks look beautiful but in the presence of a well done makeup. Therefore, in help comes an appropriate lip liner, that any time can correct the contour of the lips. Also, this lipstick does not like too sharp contrasts; therefore, those who possess an open gray hair will have to choose other colors.

claret lips fashion 2018

professional claret lips

Smokey Eyes

The most common makeup technique is smokey eyes. This method of applying eye makeup is able to give that mystery and depth, emphasizing seductiveness of female eyes. Since it came until now, smokey eyes makeup has undergone many changes. If previously the effect of “smoky eyes” was only achieved through the use of black and gray eyeshadows, then nowadays, shades and colors can be absolutely different.


Smokey eyes makeup fall winter 2017 2018


Glitter Makeup

The use of glitter in makeup is extremely popular. Such makeup is suitable for any festive event, being present in particular on New Year Eve. If applied correctly, glitter can not only beautify the upper eyelids, but also eyebrows and cheeks. How to do that, makeup artists from Burberry and Giambattista Valli are showing us.

Evening makeup 2018


Daring, unusual decisions

No season can not be characterized by bold and extravagant decisions, and the fall-winter 2017-2017 season also gives us a lot of progressive beauty ideas . For example, Dries Van Noten preferred eye makeup by creating faded black spots, Givenchy makeup artists put fantasy into motion on the Zorro theme, Paco Rabanne, VFiles and Fendi have used bright neon shades.

Unusual modern makeup





Professional makeup 2018

Doll Eyelashes

Doll lashes can be considered a classic for some time. Many modern fashionistas tend to have such doll eyelashes. A certain result can be achieved by using a special mascara, although many fashionistas are turning to artificial eyelash growth.

Makeup designs with doll lashes


Having acquainted with the main beauty trends for fall-winter 2017-2017 season, we concluded that the new cold season promises to be very progressive. Here we have gothic style, doll eyelashes, bright eyeshadows and lipstick, original winged eyeliner, bleached eyebrows, etc. Despite the large number of unusual trends, in fashion will be naturalness, meaning the total lack of any decorative products. So the decision is yours!

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