Makeup Trends 2020

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The 2020 Beauty Trends are minimalist, and this is seen in the latest collections: grunge hairstyles, biker leather jackets and massive bottles no longer need black eyeliner and lipstick in wine shades.

We are used to “simplify” the makeup in the spring, and even more so in the summer, when a thick layer of makeup on the face makes you feel as if you are sitting on a 40-degree warmth in a ski suit. Now, this trend is expanding in cold weather, so attention to skin care should be more accentuated – this year the skin must shine!

Makeup trends 2020

White eyeshadows

The secret of white eyeshadows consists of the amazing ability to radically change even the shape of the eyes. For these purposes, the eyeshadows were applied under the eyebrow, and now we move to the inner corners of our eyes. We do this with confidence, without the fear of overcoming the contour, to the bridge of the nose – the brighter the eyes, the better. On the movable eyelids, you can apply golden makeup, and the lashes can be twisted with a special pinch and applied black mascara. The eyebrows remain as natural: it only needs a brush and a transparent gel fixer, but more about it later.

Day makeup 2020

White eyeshadows makeup

What eyebrows shape to wear in 2020

Natural eyebrows

Tweezers, wax strips, pencils, and eyebrow paint will be left for better days. Instead of a lot of beauty tools and devices for correcting and removing unwanted hair, the usual brush and the colorless fixing gel appear. There are no clear lines and contours – only soft and natural eyebrows, even if they are easily deformed. The procedure for daily styling is as simple as possible: comb the eyebrows well and then fix the result with a fixative.

Natural eyebrows 2020

2019 Makeup trends


2019 eye makeup

Lipstick in unusual shades

Leaving the natural look of eye makeup aside, we make a bright accent in the form of a non-standard lipstick. Orange, emerald green, blue or fuchsia? If your choice seems too difficult – take any two options and use them at the same time to create an ombre effect directly on your lips. Of course, in everyday life it is better not to experience, but for a party it is worthwhile to consider this idea.

2019 Lip makeup

What lipstick color to wear in 2020


Nude makeup

The main trend of the 2020 season is well-groomed and radiant skin. In other words, everything is simple, but in fact these are circles, redness, pigmentation spots and other defects we want to hide. And there are two ways to solve this problem – either sleep well or express methods – apply patches under your eyes and then apply makeup. So why do you need a no makeup makeup?

First of all, the skin needs to be well hydrated and then you can start applying the base under the makeup. Select the foundation based on texture: opt for light creams that do not make the skin harder (“BB”). If necessary, if there are defects, apply the corrector. The final retouch is a small amount of highlighter on cheekbones, nose and over eyebrows.

The palette of makeup is in light shades: pearls, gold and pearlescent. Apply the mascara on the eyelashes, a transparent lipgloss on the lips and the latest makeup of the season is ready!

Nude makeup designs

Professional makeup


Peachy blush

Running a few seasons ago, we remember the effect of the gym skin. Then we applied an enormous amount of highlighter and our faces shone as if we just got out of a workout. Now, our skin tends to become mature, yet a light peach lush can be seen. We applied it to the upper part of the cheekbones and we returned well. Remember: everything should look as natural as possible.

Makeup 2020 peach blush



Eyelid line

This season we will create the almond shape of the eyes. Creating the eyelid makeup, we turn to minimalism: just a few thin lines on the moving eyelids and the catwalk makeup is ready! How can that be? First of all, the variations on the eyeliner theme – this season they also moved to the lower part, surrounding the eye along the contour above the mucous membranes. We use the most unusual color options: from burgundy to yellow, but do not forget the classic black!

What makeup to wear in 2020


Easy evening makeup 2020


Eyelashes from the 60’s

The 2020 beauty trends are in favor of naturalness, although the echoes of the sixties are still heard – the doll’s eyelashes are back in trend. When creating such a makeup, we apply a lot of mascara. Otherwise, we opt for naturalness – a uniform face, a bit of highlighter on the cheekbones and apply a semi-transparent gloss on the lips. The expressiveness of the look is complemented by slightly ruffled eyebrows – this season the shape is imperfect!

Natural blue eye makeup



Winged eyeliner

On the other side of the nude makeup, light textures and highlighter is the winged eyeliner. With the onset of the evening, we take on the eyeliner and eye makeup in the darkest shades: bold wings are a great idea for a party. In addition, in the new season, they “grow” not only in length but also in width, taking almost the entire upper eyelid and heading for the temple. We use wet asphalt eyeshadows with a slight glow effect and pearl shades in the inner corners of the eyes. And do not forget – eyebrows remain natural, even if they are barely visible.


Makeup 2020 thick winged eyeliner


Dark red lipstick

Dark red lipstick does not intend to give up the positions. If in the previous seasons we preferred them in matte textures, this season we stock the shiny ones. We do not forget about a clear contour and a good base – the color will last longer and the lips will visually look bigger. The usual combination is between black winged eyeliner and red lipstick. And if you choose a single focus on your lips, for eye makeup use only mascara and white pearl eyeshadows.

Fashion red lipstick 2020


Smokey eyes

The grunge style in makeup is not going to leave the fashion trends for 2020, so make a real grunge look! Again we will need a palette with the darkest shades of gray: from light gray to the darkest possible. This season, the feature of smokey eyes makeup is the lack of a thorough refinement: sometimes makeup looks like you forgot to make your hair clean the night before. Easier transitions can be completed with glitter colors: from blue to emerald, lips can be left unchecked or just choose a transparent balsam or work.

Smokey eyes makeup 2020



Evening makeup 2020 smokey eyes

Colored eyeshadows

The retro styles in fashion 2020 leave you feeling that’s why in this season you should not miss your eyeshadows in bright shades. We apply them only on the upper eyelid without leaving the crease. Choose the shades depending on your mood and the color solution of the image: turquoise, warm ocher, fuchsia, light blue, neon green – take the most daring decision!



2019 Makeup colored eyeshadows


In the new season, the difference between evening and day make-up is not a principle. Apply a dark red lipstick and go to enjoy your morning coffee, and in the evening you can safely go out with a nude makeup, but do not forget to use an highlighter and as much as possible!