How to do a trendy ponytail?

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Feshionable ponytail

The hairstyling is a troublesome activity especially when in a hurry, because the hair, on purpose, did not want to take the correct form. And what about the days when you have no more than 5 minutes for your hair, but you still need to look properly? In such cases, you should get a couple of hair accessories and master the most simple, but no less fashionable hairstyle, the ponytail.

The ponytail – is a versatile hairstyle that has the ability to change the style. It is suitable for sports and at the same time can be combined with an elegant evening dress.

There are hundreds of ways to collect the hair in a ponytail, but we will look at the most fashionable in this season. To help us in this will be the past fashion shows, where along with fashionable clothing, stylists tried to create not less actual hairstyles. Moreover, it is worth remembering that the creation of a ponytail should take no more than 5 minutes, otherwise what’s the point of it? You can already wash the hair and arrange it…

Trendy ponytails

Some rules for creating a trendy ponytail:

  • Negligence
  • Elastic band in the tone with the hair
  • Accessories

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Sporty ponytail

The promotion of healthy lifestyles has led to the fact that almost everybody started to practice sports. Today, the saying a healthy body is healthy mind is not an empty phrase, but a real motto. In order to practice it even better, you need to responsibly prepare by choosing comfortable shoes and clothes, and take care of your hair. If you have short hair then there is no question, but how to proceed with the long hair? There is a solution – the sporty ponytail!

Sporty ponytails

The sporty ponytail can be made in different ways by using elastic bands. Very lightly fluff the hair to create the effect of negligence, which is now fashionable.

Office ponytail – cascade

There is nothing more convenient in the office than the collected hair. And if you are tired of usual ponytail, try to vary it by using mousse and some bobby pins. Wash your hair and on damp ends apply a hair styling product. Then, with your hands shake the strands and dry them with the hair dryer. You should get careless natural waves. Pull the front strands in the back by using bobby pins and the hairstyle is ready!

Office ponytails

Evening ponytail

If you are going to attend an important event and the time left on the hair is exactly 5 minutes, do not despair. You can turn a simple everyday ponytail into an elegant hairstyle, if you add to it an accessory in the form of a band.

Evening ponytails

Romantic ponytail

If you are going on a date, then the J JS LEE hairstyles option could save your look. To do this, straight the hair with the hairdryer and tie the ponytail with a sleek monochrome band, then fix the latter turn so that the strand is adjacent to the base of the hair and looked like a bundle.

Romantic ponytails

And if the presented hairstyle options are not what you are looking for, try to choose a suitable option here. And remember, a trendy ponytail requires a not less fashionable eye makeup.

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