Wedding Hairstyles 2018

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Do you plan to organize you wedding in 2018? Do you already know the trends of the season? The image of bride does not have small details; therefore girls begin to think about it long before the big event. Choosing the dress, veil, makeup and manicure ideas are small but very pleasant inconveniences. One of the most important elements of the image is the hairstyle. This should not only be beautiful and fit the bride, but also match harmoniously the dress design. Perhaps the ideal would be a high hairstyle that would demonstrate, for example, the beauty of the dress…Who knows.. So let’s see what the wedding hairstyles trends are in 2018?

Wedding Hairstyles for 2018

Bridal Bun

The bun can be considered a classic of bridal hairstyle and as we all know, everything what’s classic is timeless. This happens with this hairstyle, too, being current in the new season as well. Moreover, there are many types of bun, so you should not worry about the originality and individuality of your look. Buns can be created on the nape of the neck or on the crown of the head, may consist of braided strands, can be messy or ideal smooth.

Bridal bun on the crown of the head

If the outfit also supposes the presence of a veil, then first of all this is fixed above the bun, and in the second case below it. The veil can be quite different both in one and in several layers, both long and short. That is why this wedding hairstyle is so popular and elegant. The bun discretely bares the neck and shoulders of the bride, emphasizing her elegance. As accessory can be used a tiara, a comb with stones or small flowers.

Bridal bun 2018


Big bun

Bridal bun for long hair

2017 Wedding hairstyle with braids

All sorts of braids are highly demanded for some time. But here trends were little changed. If previously among favorite were tight braids or several braids, which were a hairstyle, then now, the focus is on ease and comfort. We can watch wedding hairstyles with braids gathered in Greek style. Messy braids that can be decorated with various flowers and pebbles also look very nice.

Wedding hairstyles 2018 braids


braids for long hair



bridal braids long hair

What are the wedding hairstyle trends in 2018

braids for medium length hair

Greek Style

Greek style wedding hairstyle is a hairstyle for a real goddess who has just descended from Olympus. Despite the diversity of options, Greek style hairstyle is first and foremost the combination of volume and simplicity. Over the years, this hairstyle remains the most popular and most requested of all existing bridal hairstyles. Usually, the execution of this hairstyle requires long hair. But it’s not a problem if you have short hair. For this there are natural hair extensions. To create the image of the goddess is required a special volume and stylists are those who can give your hair volume. If you chose the services of such a specialist, let yourself into his hands.

Wedding hairstyles 2018 Greek style





2017 wedding hairstyles trends

Long Hair Left Loose in the Back

Naturalness and simplicity can emphasize in the most wonderful way the youth and beauty of the bride. Therefore, owners of a medium length or long hair can opt for hairstyles with hair left loose in the back.

Wedding hairstyle for long hair

These are also in high demand this season and the main condition to be followed is to have a healthy and well groomed hair. Waves and curls on a hair left loose in the back looks incredibly beautiful. In addition, the hairdo is characterized by simplicity and lightness because it requires no hair pins and other awkward accessories.


long hair left loose in the back

Easy wedding hairstyles for long hair




2017 Wedding hairstyles for short hair

Today, many girls opt for short haircuts, but a medium length hair is not a cause for panic in the choice of wedding hairstyle. Here are various possible options, namely curls. The medium hair length allows creating a very delicate and nice image. In the season of the 2018 the main emphasize of wedding hairstyles for short hair is put on accessories, in fashion are all kinds of tiaras studded with stones and flowers, decorative comb and hairpins.

Wedding hairstyle 2018 short hair

short hair with tiara


Wedding hairstyle with hat

Retro Style

The 2018 season advice us to not forget everything old and not only in dress but also in hairstyles. Such a choice will highlight the bride’s style and originality. There is no time limit, and you can choose both options in the style of 20’s for short hair and dense curls in the style of the 40’s for medium length hair. However, retro hairstyles style does not allow the mess, everything has to be perfect, virtually strand close to strand.

Wedding hairstyle 2018 retro style



medium length hair retro style


Very often we encounter the stereotype that bangs is incompatible with the image of a bride that is why many ladies prefer to grow it until the big event, or to somehow hide under the hairstyle. But the 2018 season completely dispel this stereotype.

wedding hairstyle with bangs 2018

Today, bangs are among the favorites, including wedding hairstyles. A smooth and straight bang will become a perfect complement to a bun or a classic shell bun. French braid combined with asymmetrical bang will create a playful look, and for a high hairstyle will suit dividing the bangs asides. There are thousands of options, just do not hide your bangs, but make it a wonderful detail of your look.

straight bangs


short hair with bangs

Floral Accessories

This season, flowers have become one of the main hairstyle accessories. These can be both floral accessories and real flowers. They will become a great decoration for various braided hairstyles and will add a touch of finesse and volume to a messy bun or simply decorate a hair left loose in the back. Therefore, if such hairstyle fits with the wedding dress you choose, do not hesitate to try it.

wedding hairstyle 2018 with flowers

wedding hairstyle trends 2018 with real flowers

light ponytail with flowers

shell bun with flowers


wedding hairstyle ideas with flowers


Since ancient times, the veil signifies gentleness and innocence. However, if you decided to use it in your image, you will need to spend some time to choose the right hairstyle. Currently there are over 30 types of veils because every bride requires a completely different approach.

The main types are:

  • short (60 cm),
  • until the middle of the back (80 cm),
  • until the fingertips (110 cm),
  • long (from 110 cm and more).

wedding hairstyles 2018 with veil

veil in the bun

Speaking of trends for the coming year, we must mention that until recently the veil was considered an indispensable part of bride’s image, but in 2018, more and more girls refuse to use it. The reasons may be very different, but we believe this traditional element should not miss. The veil serves not only as an accessory to the bride, but also has a symbolic meaning: since ancient times it means delicacy and innocence of the bride. We urge you to experiment with the length and style of the veil. Do not be afraid to try, for example, the headband-veil. It can be easily fixed to the hair and will be ideal for Babette hairstyle.

medium length veil


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