Season trend: curls and waves

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It would seem that to slightly curl the hair with the styler in order to give them texture and volume is one of the most simple-minded styling, the creation of which requires a few minutes. However, curls and waves can be very different, and each option can give the image a certain mood.

Curls waves

Seeing the variety of waves and curls on fall-winter 2014-2015 shows, we can be sure that the creation of different curled hair it’s a styling for all occasions. Its appearance will depend on how “to release” this wave and how curly these can be done. Extra shine, partings of various types and other “special effects” help bring the hair to perfection.

Curls with luxury shade

Curls trend

Big kinks plus accuracy and dazzling noble hair glow will have as a result curls you will not be ashamed of and will want to show them to all people around. A similar result is possible to be achieved with the help of large curlers or if you have the ability to skillfully curl the hair with the curling iron the strands wounded on it need to be dissolved back pretty quickly, otherwise you will get small curls that will turn you into a lamb.” When you will give the strands the desired shape, it is necessary to comb them with a large brush, so that they went” hair to hair, nice and neat. Be sure to not puff them: the curls should not be fluffy, otherwise all the gloss disappears. Thanks to a spray a gloss or a drop of oil, used as a final touch during styling, the hair will shine and be able to adequately complement the evening image.

Alexis Mabille

Alexis Mabille Fall-Winter 2015-2015

Zac Posen

Zac Posen Fall-Winter 2015-2015

Natural waves

Less effort is required to obtain natural waves. Pass” through your hair with the stylers, changing the direction of its movement in zigzag” or, armed with a texturizing spray and applying it all over the surface of the hair, “remember” the strands with your hands the weaves are ready. In addition, the desired result can be achieved with a loose braided braid leave it a few hours and wait until the hair will get the desired ripple”. Whatever method you chose to achieve the effect of natural waves, it is important to fix the result so that the hair is not straightened at the wrong time and did not lose its shape. Use hairspray for all hair and wax only for individual strands. By the way, you can not be afraid to separate the strands, whipping” the hair for volume is a light inaccuracy appropriate in such styling.


Blumarine Fall-Winter 2015-2015

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren Fall-Winter 2015-2015


Sibling Fall-Winter 2015-2015

“Gaufre” waves

One can hardly remember the time when waves and curls rescued hair stylists when creating looks for their shows. But their special type – the gaufre” waves  – very long ago did not come back to the podium. Roberto Bellazzi, who worked for Giorgio Armani fall-winter show, invited us to look again at gaufre”. If to carefully arrange them, it can add enthusiasm and a bit of coquetry even to the most rigorous look. Masculine style suits and elegant dresses of Giorgio Armani were supplemented with gaufre” waves. To obtain such a styling, you should try making the waves smaller, keeping the ends of the hair straight.

Gaufre waves Gaufre waves

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