Best Hairstyles for Women Fall-Winter 2018-2018

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The arsenal of simple and stylish hairstyles always requires upgrading, and for that you do not necessarily need to be a professional stylist. The simplest the execution is a haircut or the other, the more natural it looks, embellishing any face shape: this season, we will not have high volumes, complicated constructions and many clippings and hair pins. Fashionable hairstyles in the autumn-winter season 2018-2018 are well known by all, so now we will talk about the shapes that are becoming more and more unusual this year.

Hairstyles 2019 women

Messy Bun

Many know that feeling when a fast executed hair bun looks so innocent and perfect that you do not even want to change anything. And as much as you did not try to do something like that, you will not be able to do it anymore, although in the new season you still have to make some effort. The ideal smooth hair, combed at the back of the neck and set in abundance with arranging products, is losing momentum. It is replaced by the messy bun, slightly uncombed, as if you just woke up and you left out on your way to arrange your hair.

Trendy hair bun fall winter 2018 2019

What hairstyles to wear in fall 2018

medium length blonde hair bun

Soft Curls

It seems that this season stylists can relax because the boom of ideal Hollywood curls has calmed down. Now it really does not matter how many hours you have been wasted for using the curler and you can put side the foam and sprays for arranging the hair. A basic reason for the fall-winter season 2018-2018 becomes naturalness, and the compromise between straight hair and curls has been found very quickly. The slightly wavy hair will leave the feeling of innocence, but well cared. It’s enough to apply a little foam or mousse for wet hair, scatter it all the way, twist it gently with your fingers, and have instant soft curls.

Fall winter hairstyles 2018 2019: curls

Hairstyles for long hair 2019

Women hairstyle trends 2019

long curly hair


Braids are probably the most feminine and multifunctional basis for creating a hairstyle. This season, braids may be as many as you want: sometimes they cover the entire surface of the hair, and sometimes you do not have to invent anything: it is enough to braid Indian braids, which are a trend of the 2018-2018 fall-winter season. To create such a hairstyle you will have to do very little effort. Separate the hair in two equal parts by a parting, place it behind your ear and from there start to braid, applying a small amount of hair products over the entire length of the hair. Indian braids reveal face and ears, so you can demonstrate the beauty of your earrings and complete your look with a pair of fashionable sunglasses.

Trendy braids for medium length hair

braids medium length hair


Best hairstyles with braids

soft braids



Playful horns

A must have of the new season is the horns hairstyle or two hair buns at the top of the head. These can not be hidden under the hat, but in better time, why not try it, especially because it is very easy to accomplish and it will not take too long. So how these playful horns are done?

First you have to comb the hair well, split it in two equal parts with a straight hair parting. If you have a bang, hide it by leaving only two threads on both sides (at wish). Set the height at which you want your horns to be placed, and then straighten your hair in two tails on both sides. Spoil it spirally and do not forget to apply a bit of hair spray and a few clips to keep it in shape.
What hairstyles to wear in 2019


Best hairstyles for curly hair


The popularity of chemical curls has passed for some time, although their echoes can still be heard in our days. The 2018-2018 fall-winter season again aims to create those messy curls, but now we no longer need to affect our hair health. To create a modern look, it is enough to buy rubber foam hair curlers. This method is not only harmless to hair but also very comfortable, especially if you want to curl your hair over night. Their assortment is large enough, with different lengths and thicknesses. Choose whatever you want depending on the length of the hair and the desired shape of the curls. To create such a hairstyle, apply the hair curlers to the wet hair, ideally before bedtime, to let them sit overnight. Before removing the curlers in the morning, apply the hair spray so the hair will look neater and the effect will last longer. To avoid damaging their shape, do not use the hair brush, working with your fingers.

Hairstyles 2018 2019 fall winter: waves

Curly hairstyles

curly hairstyle for medium length hair



Unlike the hairstyle mentioned above, this one requires an accurate execution and does not require the messy effect. Despite its simplicity, a ponytail can be ideal not only for a office dress, but also in an evening outfit, if you add some laconic accessories. There are many versions of this haircut, but the most current remains the high ponytail. Apply a hair styling mousse on hair, it will not just make your hair obedient, but will also give it shine. Generally, it is not difficult to create a ponytail, but sometimes we want it to be as high as possible. We will tell you a secret: At the base of the tail, at the back, hide a few clips, fastening them in the elastic band, they will not only lift the tail, but will keep it all day.

Ponytail hairstyle

Another idea you need to try is the low ponytail. Give it the best naturalness with the help of the following trick: gather your hair with thin elastic, leaving a piece of free hair, and then cover the elastic with that hair.

What hairstyles to wear in winter 2019


Stylish ponytail hairstyle options


Hairpins are indispensable hair accessories which this season must be visible. With their help, you can create not only beautiful hairstyles, but real works of art. Such an option is ideal even if you have short hair. In the rest of the cases, fantasy has no limits. You choose how to arrange them in your hair (zigzag, cross, vertically or horizontally, etc.).

Hairstyle trends 2019 medium length hair

logn straight hair stil in style


As you can see, the trends are coming more often from the street, these ideas are closer to real life than fashion. The more simple your haircut is, the more current your look will be. The fall-winter 2018-2018 hairstyles trends have become yet another proof that the trend to create a complicated hairstyle has remained in the past, therefore, come in the new season with the right hair accessories and let your fantasy guide your hands.

Simple hairstyles 2019


Daily hairstyles for medium length hair



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