Trendy hairstyles for Spring-Summer 2016: Paris Fashion Week

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Trendy hairstyles Paris

Hair is woman’s second face“, of course this expression sounds a bit strange, but there is some truth in it. It is impossible to have a perfect make-up on the face and at the same time ignore the head. Disheveled, , or worse, dirty hair will spoil all the impression of you, so you should take care of all the details of the image, including the dress, makeup and hairstyle.

In this review we present you Trendy hairstyles for spring-summer 2016, presented during the Paris Fashion Week shows. And with what make-up option best to combine prompts, check the article Trendy makeup for Spring-Summer 2016: Paris Fashion Week. Well, in order to be in trend at 100% do not forget about Trendy nail polish.

1st trend – low ponytail

The hairstyle “low ponytail” can claim for both daytime and evening look. It is enough to just slightly twist the locks and you already have an elegant hairstyle that opens the face and allows others to contemplate all the beauty of your eyes or lips (depends on which part of the face the emphasis is made).

Low ponytail

2nd trend – wet hair

The hairstyle “wet roots,” remembered by all thanks to the London Fashion Week, has found its place on the catwalks of Paris. The true is that this time “wet” were not only the roots, but also the entire length of the hair.

Wet hair Wet hairstyle

3rd trend – feathered bangs

Straight bangs are associated by many with the Soviet past, when for some reason the children cut their hair in this manner. Now there is no need to walk in the image of Cleopatra, so when going to your stylist, ask him to spare no effort on tapering and make a corresponding haircut.

Feathered bangs Feathered bangs Spring-Summer

4th trend – no bang

If bangs covering the forehead are not your style, comb the hair back. Using modern hair styling products, you can do it with both wet effect and also create the impression that the hair are naturally arranged and you did not use a drop of hairspray or gel.

No bang

5th trend – braids

Braids are again at the peak of popularity. From season to season, various braidings are becoming more complex and stylists excel as soon as they can. Today, the braid is only an element of hairstyles, which must be necessarily supplemented by any accessory or a few braids braided into one, so that the hairstyle would not look too difficult.

Braids 2016

6th trend – hair on sideways

In the season of spring-summer 2016 you can do without complicated braids or tons of gel on the hair. It is enough to just comb the hair on one side, and the hairstyle is ready!

Hair on sideways Hair on sideways

You decide exactly how to collect the hair or just choose loose curls. The main thing is that the selected option would be in harmony with your inner world.

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