Bob-Carre Haistyle

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Bob-Carre is a combination of the 2 most popular modern hairstyles. Bob and carre are very similar, which makes them often confused. Initially, the main distinctive feature was that bob haircut was without bangs, while in carre bangs are absolutely necessary. However, over time, the boundaries of these haircuts have begun to be eliminated, ladies have been offered the most varied looks, and such combined haircuts have been called bob-carre.

Bob carre haircut

Advantages of bob-carre haircut

  1. Universality. The universality of bob-carre haircut is unmatched. It has many variants of execution, which makes it ideal for ladies with any type of physical appearance and any type of hair. For example, the haircut greatly accentuates the soft gloss of the straight hair and, at the same time, perfectly reflects the beauty of curled and wavy hair. Moreover, a fairly chosen version of this hairstyle can embellish both a lady with the round shape of the face, and a lady with a oval and narrow face shape.
  2. Legerity and Naturalness. The natural lines of bob-carre haircut do not contain elements that would create irritation and perplexity, so communication will be more effective and more exciting. In this regard, women who prefer bob-carre will look splendid at both a noisy party and in a stricter work environment.
  3. Simplicity and Practicability. Bob-Carre is a perfect solution for those fashionists who face an acute lack of lack of time. Arranging such hairstyles will take quite a while, and the result will be absolutely fabulous. In addition, this hairstyle can maintain its shape for a long time without the need for too frequent hairdressing visits.

Bob-carre haircut: types of execution

Clear and soft contours

The bob-carre with clear lines is considered the strictest variant, which is usually executed on the ideal smooth and straight hair. This hairstyle is characterized by well defined lines and lack of scales. Although the haircut looks pretty elegant, it does not fit anyone.

Soft bob-carre haircut



bob hairstyle

If the shape of the haircut will be lighter and the outlines softer and more gradual, the look will be universal. This option fits a larger number of women.

Bob hairstyle for medium length hair

bob-carre haircuts


Shaved Bob-Carre Hairstyle Ideas

This haircut is characterized by the maximum reveal of the neck area, elongated hair in front, and an extra volume in the area at the top of the head. The shaved back completely unravels the fine lines of the female neck and perfectly blends with the slightly curved hairline. This classic haircut is distinguished by a lot of modern creative options. Depending on the height, face shape and physical appearance of a woman, hairdressers can experience both the volume and the length of this haircut.

undercut bob-carre haircut

Elongated undercut shaved bob haircut


red hair

Bob-Carre Haircuts with elongated front

This is the most popular haircut. The hair is short cut at the neck, while the hair strands that inlay the face are left long intentionally. This option allows you to achieve a double simultaneous effect: long threads and uncovered female neck. Unlike the bob haircut with the shaved neck area, this haircut does not have such an area.

Elongated bob



bob-carre haircut for blonde long hair

Elongated (bob-carre)

The elongated bob is chosen by those women who do not want to say goodbye to their long hair. In this case, the length of the hair can reach up to the shoulder line. This haircut looks pretty good both on straight and smooth hair, and on the layered hair.

Long bob

Elongated bob-carre

Asymmetric Bob-Carre

The asymmetric bob has become popular for a very long time, and at the moment it is considered to be practically the most popular and creative hairstyle, with a wealth of advantages. It is known that asymmetric hairstyles can distract attention from facial imperfections. In addition, the different length of the hairs refreshes the look, makes it look more original and more playful. Such asymmetric haircuts with graphic contours require some precision in execution. It will also be taken into account that in this case, the hairs should look as smooth and messy as possible.

Asymmetric bob-carre haircuts




Grunge Bob-Carre

The ladies, who follow the ever changing fashion trends, will certainly appreciate the modern hairstyles. If you are always in the spotlight, look stylish and modern, then the effect of intentional mess and artistic chaos in grunge style is what you need. This type of haircut is often called ladder or waterfall hairstyle. In this case, the hair will be trimmed not over the entire length, but in layers, from shorter to longer. The layered bob is the ideal option for fine hair, which will look more fluffy, delicate and light. Instead, your hair will look much graceful. Trimming in the lower layers can hide the large forehead and prominent cheekbones. Round-faced ladies have to choose the long cuts of this haircut because the short waterfall will make it look even bigger.

Thin bob haistyles



Grunge style bob carre

Bob-carre with bangs

The bob-carre is ideally suited to all types of bangs. Choosing bangs will depend on the type of haircut and face shape. So, if you’re going to make haircuts with fixed edges, then you’ll have to choose a smooth bang with straight edges. However, if you want a textured multi-layered haircut, then we advise you to choose an asymmetric, bent or layered bang. An important role in this chapter is played by the oval of the face. Ladies with elongated shape of face must pay attention to the right margins, while those with the oval shape of the face will have to choose the asymmetric options.

Bob haircut with asymmetric bangs

Carre haircut with bangs

Bob-carre hairstyle with choppy bangs

bob-carre haircut with straight fringe

Bob-carre: types of styling

The bob styling may be the most varied. Based on this haircut, a lot of different looks can be created.

1. Classic style. Apply a smoothing gel on your hair. Divide your hair in a long path and start straightening your hair with a special hair straightener, twisting the hairs a little inward.

Classic bob-carre for brown haired


2. Natural Look. Apply the product for volume on a wet hair. Wash it. Now apply a mousse on your hair. Style the hair with a comb and hair dryer. While styling the hair, direction it towards the back. Fix the result with a hair spray.

How to arrange the bob haircut


3. Grunge style hairstyles. To create an effect of mild mess and artistic chaos, you will need to use a hair mousse. Apply it on wet and with fast spread it all ovemovements spread it on your hair. Let your head down and dry your hair at the roots. This hair drying process will give your hair a maximum volume. Now, with a modeling brush, give your hair the desired chaos. Spray the result with a hair spray.

short bob-carre haircut in grunge style

thinned hair grunge style

4. Outwards hair ends. The secret of this hairstyle is quite simple: all the ens will be curled outward, and the result will be fixed with wax.



bob-carre hairstyles

5. Bob-carre arrangement at the back. Apply mousse to wet hair. Using a brush, dry your hair combing each hair at the back. Start drying your hair from your neck. Arrange the hair with your hair and use a hair spray. For the hair style to have a retro look, tap the hair at the top of the head before fixing the final result. A very short bang can be hidden under a head band.

Simple bob-care haircut

Medium bob hairstyles celebrities


Carre haircut arranged in the back

6. Bob-carre with side parting. This asymmetric hairstyle is perfect for parties as well as for casual looks. It will ideally look only in haircuts without short bangs. Apply mousse on the wet hair and dry with hair drier. The curls must be as smooth as possible, so you will need to use the hair flat iron. Straightening your hair, turn the tips down

 Celebrities side Bob

Side parting bob for medium length hair

Asymmetric bob haircut for medium length hair

7. Volume bob-carre hairstyles. Treat your hair with a soft mousse. Apply the hair curlers on the hair and dry it. Remove the curlers and gather your hair into a high hairstyle. You can leave some loose hair in the face area.

Bob-carre hairstyle for short hair


8. Curly hairstyles. Take the curlers or the curler and create the curls of the required size. You can use crls of different diameters in a look. Fix with hair spray.

Bob haircut for medium length hair

Carre haircut for medium length hair with curls


Celebrities curly bob hairstyle

9. Hairstyles with accessories. Hairstyles based on bob haircuts allow the use of the most diverse accessories. Most commonly used are ribbons, paper clips, artificial flowers and headbands.




Bob-carre Hairstyles: Stylish Options

Lob haircut options






Carre haircut options



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