Fur and flowers in Fendi collection Fall-Winter 2015-2015

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Fendi Fur

Fendi, the worldwide famous Italian fashion house, which opened its doors to visitors in 1918, continues to surprise the audience and is not going to take the leading position in the world of fashion industry.

On the catwalk in Milan, during the presentation of the fall-winter collection 2015-2015, designers of the brand presented a collection where the multicolored fur was clearly the leader among the materials. It blended well with tweed, jersey, wool and even silk, and also served as a base material (coats, jackets). Authors of the clothes did not miss the opportunity to demonstrate to the public multilayered complex looks.

Orchids pinned to the dresses of models are clear evidence that the designer owes its inspiration to the song “Violets for Your Furs” by Billie Holiday. Although not because of the melody itself but because of the video that thanks to the interesting directing, can be watched in one breath.

Fendi 2016

The hero of the video of the American jazz performer brings his beloved violets, which she, in turn, affix to a fur coat. This view did not let the designer rest a long time and then grew into the desire to combine the delicate and fragile material with bellicose and dense forms.

Fendi Winter

The designer offered the public to follow him on a fascinating journey, though the highlight was the fact that the move had not been in horizontal spaces but upwards, perpendicular to the ground. From black tones to the blue sky, overcoming on the way brown trunks of flora, and then its saturated crown and eventually find themselves in air spaces, though in a very cloudy day, because the blue presented on the catwalk was in dark and deep shade.

Fendi flowers

Fendi fall-winter collection is another example of the fact that the 60’s are back in fashion, because abstract prints, geometric mosaic, unconventional fur color, sequins and A-silhouette dresses – are main components of a period that fashion critics dubbed unnatural or artificial.


As regards the length of fashionable clothes, then here we see a clear dominance of midi. Skirts, dresses, coats that end at the ankle are a trend that according to the author should be combined with bulky sweaters and blouses.

The trend of the season – the cut that starts from the hem of a dress or skirt and reaches almost to the hip, designers played up in their own way, providing a zipper. If the dress code of the event does not allow excessive sexuality, just fasten the zipper.

Fendi New


The designer decided to adorn the robe coats with sequins and fur trim. This looks pretty smooth and natural.

Fendi coat


The 2015-2015 fall-winter season, according to Fendi designers, must be rich and unclear because deep shades of blue and green compete with abstract prints and geometric mosaic.

Fendi collection


The footwear from the collection is represented by leather and fur items. These are ankle boots decorated with buckles and straps and high boots. Thick stable heel and slightly rounded toe are the common features of models of Fendi ankle boots and boots.

Fendi footwear


Short handled handbags in bright colors and rich blue shades, as well as fur items, are the highlight of the collection.

Fendi handbags

In the vision of Fendi designers, the autumn-winter 2015-2015 seasons should be rich and unclear, because deep tones of blue and green compete with abstract prints and geometric mosaic.

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