Best Jackets Fall-Winter 2019-2019

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The 2019-2019 fall-winter jackets designs look elegant and will make you feel warm and comfortable in the cold season. Again, the new season breaks the stereotypes: a warm jacket does not need to be bulky and designers have a worthy argument, completing their collections with down jackets and oversize jeans jackets. In addition, this year’s favorite is ecological fur – a decent substitute that preserves all the basic properties and does not harm the environment. We opt for furry bombers, sheepskin coats, jackets in bright shades and learn to create feminine combinations based on military style!

Womens jackets 2020


A trend that never remains behind is the denim. This is why an oversized denim jacket must be present in your wardrobe. This can also be worn when cold wind does not feel so strong yet. This autumn, we bet on the fur that can be present on the collar, sleeves and even the foot of the jacket.

Another distinctive feature is the size, which should be larger with a few sizes. We wear light and dark color denim jackets with pencil skirts and mini skirts, palazzo style pants and very sporty pants with super comfortable shoes, ugly boots, classic stilettos and even over the knees boots.

Denim jackets 2020

Best denim designs

oversize denim

Sheepskin coats

One of the warmest and most elegant options for winter outerwear is the sheepskin coats. This season, the favorite pattern has become short and long options. In both cases, we focus on oversize designs: long sleeves and bigger sizes. In addition, the word that characterizes the fall winter season 2019-2019 is the volume, and this rule remains in force for other clothing items. That’s why we choose midi skirts of dense fabrics, palazzo pants and maxi dresses in boho style. The colors of the coats are the ones we already know, namely beige coffee, black, terracotta.

What jackets to wear in winter 2020

Women sheepskin coats fall winter 2019 2020

Warm fashionable jackets

Leather jackets

And again we return to the fashion of the eighties with their passion for bulky shoulders and an adapted figure, as well as the nineties with a special attention to leather, metal accessories and oversize clothes.

This autumn, we create a grunge look based on a voluminous leather jacket. The first thing we have to do is learn how to properly mix elements of different styles. So choose a big biker jacket, match it with the little black dress, black tights (thin lurex or nylon) and leather stiletto shoes. We complete the look with Trinity-style glasses from “The Matrix” and a high hairstyle.

For casual day-to-day image, choose ugly sneakers, textile shoes (even on the platform) and a packed backpack. A great idea is to combine leather jackets with plaid prints, especially Scottish tartan, based on red, blue or dark green.

Women leather jacket 2020


Black leather best jacket


Short jackets

Probably the short jacket is not the most practical, but it’s definitely the most elegant option for the fall. The length reduction applies to almost all patterns: denim jackets, biker jackets and even bulky down jackets. And the rules are the same for everyone: we match short jackets with high waist pants or skirts. A novelty will be a combination of short jackets with tight pants and overalls, which this season proved to be on the wave of fashion. In addition, this is a very good example of a combination of outerwear and waist bags, which in the 2019-2019 fall-winter season say goodbye but not for ever.

Jackets trends 2020


Short fashion jacket designs

Fur jackets

A few years ago, bomber jackets made a real sensation on the catwalk. Now, passions have quenched and time has come for more practical and warm clothes. The volume remains in trend – this winter we should not forget the oversize format. Ecological cleanliness and humanity are not a less important trend, so the faux fur jackets come in the forefront. This material keeps the heat perfectly, the wires resemble those of the natural fur, and the most important element in its list of achievements is the complete harmony with nature. In addition, using ecological fur, we can easily experiment with colors such as terracotta, scarlet, emerald, blue, fuchsia and the relevant animal prints this season – all of which can easily be combined with warmth and comfort. We wear them with skinny leather pants, dark denim and classic pencil skirts.

Fashion fur 2019 2020 fall winter


Winter ladies jackets 2020

Furry collar

The trend on ecological fur has prompted designers to use it on a large scale, so we focus on fur collar patterns. The length of the threads can be absolutely different – from short to very long – the fur decoration can be used everywhere, starting with hoodies and parka jackets, and even classic options on the waist with plaid prints.

Jackets with fur collar fall winter 2019 2020

furry collar



We recall the tendency of working overalls with many pockets and all the colors of military camouflage we wore on stiletto sandals and transparent trenchcoats. This fall, we take again the best of military style and apply its main elements in outer clothing. Fashionable are haki parka jackets, bombers from dense fabrics, decorated with embroidery and colored patches in sequins, bulky down jackets. The military palette will fit in any autumn state – green, warm beige, brown coffee and dark gray.

Women coats fall 2019 winter 2020 military style

What jackets to wear in fall 2019

brown office style


This season, the exaggerated volume is a trend that goes beyond any competition, so the oversize style reaches unprecedented proportions. Rounded shoulders, long sleeves and a lack of clear lines – now we use such jackets not only in casual style but also combined with classic pant suits, office flared trousers, overalls and pencil dresses.

What jackets to wear in 2020

black short

actual print

stylish for ladies

Warm and stylish: down jacket

We are accustomed to the fact that a down jacket is by no means the most elegant winter clothing item, but we still love it for comfort, warmth and complete protection against the wind. The fall-winter season 2019-2019 will force us to look at the jackets in a completely new way – now they can be worn safely even with evening dresses and classic black suits. The secret is in style and texture. Shiny metallic colors and short patterns with asymmetrical details – such a trendy down jacket is ready to fight even with the most stylish jacket!

Down jackets fall winter 2019 2020

short down

elegant down



Sport has entered so much in our lives that it has become a trend. Therefore, the features of the sport style are also distributed in our daily closet, and this time they have literally confiscated the outer clothing. Stylized ski jackets, multicolored wind jackets are matched with pants, culottes, midi skirts and even cocktail dresses.

Fall winter 2019 2020 sporty jackets


Women’s jacket trends 2020


In autumn-winter 2019-2019, you do not have to sacrifice warmth and comfort for an elegant look – designers have taken all these desires into account. Choose the warmest accessory you like best!