Asymmetrical Bangs Haircuts

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Haircuts with asymmetrical bangs are getting more and more admirers every day. And not by accident, because the asymmetrical bang is perfectly suited to all women. And if this type of bang was previously avoided in any way because it was thought that it would take a lot of time to arrange it, now its advantages were appreciated being used virtually everywhere.

Asymmetrical bangs hairstyles

Short haircuts with asymmetrical bangs

The asymmetrical bang is ideal for any hair length. However, more original it looks in short haircuts, especially those such as bob, garcon, pixie, carre, page. In this case, it will highlight the shape of the face, emphasizing the lips and eyes.

Bob haircut with asymmetric bangs

A very original option can be the textured bob with long oblique bangs. With this option, we can see how this well-known haircut can be transformed into just seconds. Still, we must not forget the face shape. Thus, ladies with the oval face shape can choose short asymmetrical bangs, while ladies with square and round shaped face have to choose the long asymmetrical bangs. If you want to visually elongate the face, then you can experiment with the asymmetrical bang.

Bob haircut with asymmetrical bang

Bob with asymmetrical bangs


Bob with long asymmetric bangs

Pixie haircut with asymmetrical bangs

Pixie haircuts look very original, crazy and stylish with an asymmetrical bang. Ladies who have such haircuts always look a bit childish. In addition, a stylish hair stylist will be able to recommend many options for executing an asymmetric bang in combination with pixie haircut. It may be asymmetrical, thinned, oblique, elongated. The choice will depend on age, personal preferences, the face shape and the style of each particular woman.

Pixie haircut with asymmetric bangs

One side short hair pixie with bangs



Original creation of short haircuts with asymmetrical bangs

Also, no one will forbid you to experiment with your own look. This can be done with the help of coloring or with an original short haircut. You can use any asymmetric option, even the full shave of hair in one side of your head, if you are obviously sure it suits you. You can use both a color and more colors at a time. There are no limits to fantasy in this chapter.

Short haircuts with asymmetric bangs


Short haircuts with thinned asymmetric bangs


Blonde hairstyles with asymmetrical bang


Short haircuts with original asymmetrical bangs

Short haircuts with asymmetrical bangs: pictures

Haircut patterns with short hair asymmetrical bang



Side bangs ideas







Haircut with asymmetrical bangs for medium length hair

The asymmetrical bangs look on medium length hair as good as on short hair. With this length, we recommend you to draw attention to haircuts like layers, carre, waterfall and “ladder”.

Waterfall haircut with asymmetrical bang

The most requested appears to be the waterfall haircut with asymmetrical oblique bang. Its cutting lines can be both straight and sharp, and soft and gradual. Do not forget that waterfall haircut is considered to be the best option for round-faced ladies, and if you choose a properly executed asymmetrical bang, then you can visually elongate and narrow the face. If you have a squared face, then we recommend that you choose an asymmetrical side bang.

Waterfall haircut with asymmetrical bang



Medium length haircut with asymmetrical bang

Carre, bob-carre with asymmetrical bang

If you want to get a stylish and mysterious look, then bob-carre or carre haircut can help. The elongated carre in combination with an asymmetrical bang looks spicy, original, interesting and very attractive, which explains the popularity of these haircuts. To give the look even more extravagance, the asymmetrical bang will be executed in the thinned or zigzag option.

Thinned haircuts with asymmetrical bangs

Bob-carre haircuts with asymmetrical bangs




Medium length hair side bangs

Haircuts with asymmetrical bangs for medium length hair: pictures

Haircuts ideas with asymmetrical bangs for medium length hair








Haircuts with asymmetrical bangs for long hair

The asymmetrical bangs looks particularly feminine and delicate on long hair. It allows long-haired ladies to cardinally change their look without taking good care of their beloved curls. On ideal hair, it is recommended to make haircuts such as waterfall or ladder, that is, haircuts that can give the hair an extra volume, keeping the hair in a perfect condition for as long as possible. The most important thing is that you can simply gather your hair in a ponytail, or make a bun because the asymmetric bang will give your look a chic and neat appearance.

Haircuts with asymmetrical bangs for long hair: pictures

Haircuts ideas with asymmetrical bangs for long hair



side bangs for long hair

Modern haircuts with asymmetrical bangs for long hair







As you can see, there are plenty of asymmetrical bangs haircut options. It can be an excellent companion for both short hair and medium and long hair. This is an excellent opportunity to change the image, leaving your favorite haircut intact. Playing with contours, color, length and texture of the oblique bang, you can always get new radical looks. In addition, and this is very important, the one side bangs can hide the facial imperfections such as facial wrinkles, rashes, spots, excessive roundness or angular shape of the face.

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