Nail Designs and Ideas Fall-Winter 2018-2018

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Manicure is a very important detail when it comes to hand’s beauty. Sometimes how beautifully your hands look depends on a lot of things, not just the mood and the self-confidence, but also the attitude of those around you. Your fashionable manicure in fall-winter 2018-2018 is proof of the fact that a complete look, such as a puzzle, is made up of several elements and it is important that each one is ideal. With a modern manicure you can emphasize your own style, and also complete an outfit. The intense shades and decor of this year will make you decide harder, but we are here to help.

Nail designs 2019

Brand Manicure

Even if you do not always have money for clothes and accessories from renowned fashion houses, this is not a reason to give on wearing brand. In the new season, logo manicure is ready to compete with any other type of manicure, even with the most complicated nail art. Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Dior, Lagerfeld, now all world-class brands are on your hands in the figurative sense of the word. Now it’s no longer necessary to waste your time by drawing out contours, in special stores can be bought sliders for any taste, and are very easy to use even at home. For this, it is necessary to cut a fragment of the film with the necessary size, immerse it in the water for 1 minute (at room temperature), after which the image can be separated from the base. Apply the image uniformly to the nail surface (it is recommended to use a special wooden stick), and let it dry. To fix the result, apply a colorless top coat.

What manicure to wear in 2019

What nail shape to wear in 2019


Manicure 2019 trends

Lace Nail

Lace nails look always feminine and unusual. It would seem like a very complicated technique was used to create it, but it is not. There are thousands of ways to get such a manicure and we will expose three of them.

Nail ideas fall winter 2018 2019: lace

Top 3 recommendations from industry specialists:

  1. Special lace for manicure, which is fixed on the nail with a special glue. When everything dries up, the nail is covered with a transparent top coat for the result to last longer.
  2. Stamping or imitation of lace seems to be the simplest of all. To execute it, you need a template that is transposed with an elastic brush, then on the nail, over a monochrome layer.
  3. Those who are not looking for easy ways have the drawing technique. It’s a muddy thing, but the result deserves the effort. Draw this drawing with a thin needle, usually after a particular pattern. If you do not have drawing skills, you will not be able to achieve this “work of art”.

Lace Nail Ideas

New Year Eve nail designs

What nail design to wear in fall 2018

Current Colors

Choosing a color is an individual parameter, though you have to keep some ideas. What colors should we choose in the new season?

Nail ideas fall winter 2018 2019: colors

Coffee Color

With the coming of the cold season, the nude shades pass on the second place. In the spring we actively covered our nails in beige shades, top matt layers, with minimal decorative elements. In the winter, this beige goes into a more intense chocolate-colored shade. Do you want coffee dessert? Do not forget the golden-caramel decoration, which will give a charm to the monochromatic coating.

Manicure ideas coffee shades

What nail length to wear in 2019



Do you remember the mass madness for fuchsia colors and all the pink shades? Now lilac became the main shade, which loves to be the focus of attention. That’s why the more it is in design, the better. The image can be supplemented with contrast shades as well as pastel shades.

Lilac nails design




At the moment there are many textures and various pigments introduced into monochromatic coatings, therefore, pearl is always welcome. It looks like one of the most suitable winter options is the pearl. The fine and delicate gloss of pearls give a special charm without requiring any other decoration.

Gel pearl nails

Gel Nail Trends 2019


Zipper Nails

Instead of inventing complicated images, we should look around a bit: sometimes, the objects we are used to see can inspire us to create true artwork. Laconic but original: the denim texture and brilliant zipper is a new trend in manicure, which will animate even the most boring monochromatic nail design.

Nail design 2019

Winter nail ideas


Marble and peruse

Where, if not in nature, can we get new ideas? And again, we appeal to the natural textures that this season became marble and peruse. The color combinations must be as natural as possible (black, white, gray, turquoise, blue), and the charm will give golden shade.

Long stylish nails




And yet, it’s hard to quit the open shades, right? Well, we do not even have to do it, although in the autumn-winter season we will have to “complicate” things a bit. The required tool will be black color. Use it in any way: in the form of floral prints, geometric shapes or classic French.

Two colors nail design



Shattered Glass

Putting emphasis on naturalness when talking about decoration, we must not forget the game of color and reflections. A well-known technique is “shattered glass”, which involves the use of decorative sheets with holographic effect. These can be chosen in a shade with the base layer, or you can invent your own option.

Nail designs fall winter 2018 2019: shattered glass


Festive nail ideas

Rain Drops

We can not hide from the whims of the weather, so it is necessary to adapt to them. A monochromatic matte coating can be diversified with a 3D-effect gel that will allow you to create transparent drops on your nails. In addition, they will become a wonderful addition to brighter textures.



Fashion nail drawings

The nail designs and ideas for 2018-2018 fall-winter season include many trends, so the initial task is to find what you like. To create an original design you do not necessarily need to use complicated techniques, it is enough to put fantasy in motion and your artworks will come one by one.


nails with simple drwaings



semi-permanent manicure


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