Evening Dresses Fall-Winter 2019-2019

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If you have already decided what to do in the evening, then you should also think about the outfit you will wear. In the fall-winter season 2019-2019 we will have to give up the fluffy dresses in favor of the frills that will be abundant. And this time the minimalist motifs are not going to leave the podium: designers opt for one-shade patterns made of silk and soda, but the floral prints and glossy texture still feel there. The motto of this season is maximum femininity.

Evening dresses 2020


The brilliant glitter says goodbye but not in the latest collections. Numerous sequins, textured shining fabrics and lurex have become something of a classic evening style, and their success is verified over time. The gloss is offset by simple patterns: usually these are slim fit maxi dresses though hip cleavage, bared shoulders and deep necklines will never loose their relevance. The set of accessories is neutral: a matte leather texture, blurred base colors and no additional glitter – such a dress knows how to show itself in the most favorable way.

Evening dresses fall winter 2019 2020 glitter

long glittering

Evening dresses new designs 2020


Lace is a cloth that usually makes evening outfits and can no longer impress anyone, but we will try to do that. In addition, this season designers are unanimously against excessive simplicity. Fabrics are increasingly molded on the body and become more and more transparent. We look at the two-layer dresses with the non-transparent lining and the upper part of the lace (we remember the legendary “mermaid” design).

The lace can be very diverse: it can combine several colors simultaneously, glitter or can be sewn with floral embroidery and do not forget that the vegetable motives are still on the wave of fashion!

 Long laced evening dresses 2020

princess black lace

Long mermaid gown

Slip dress

We are talking about this pattern every year and it seems like it has nothing to hide. Indeed, this pattern reveals more than allowed, but this focuses more on the shoulder and neck line and goes below: the skirt should be maximum and start from the hips.

In fall-winter 2019-2019, designers still prefer silk slip dresses with thin, barely visible spaghetti straps, occasionally a little lace or guipure on the V-neckline. It’s worthwhile to focus now on shoes and accessories and we’ll immediately notice that this autumn light dresses in underwear style are wore with leather boots – military style and platforms – right from the eighties.

Evening slip dress fall 2019 winter 2020

beige elegant

Evening dresses trends 2020

simple and elegant


This detail appears more and more in collections, so we have no reason to oppose resistance. The verdict is clear: the more they are on an evening dress, the more you will be fashionable. And for dessert, leave multi-layer dresses of different pink shades: delicate peach, rich sorbet, bright fuchsia and more.

First of all, the frills wheel creates extra volume – a worthy replacement of a fluffy dress. This season, many frills and drapes adorn the neckline, form a high shoulder line and descend along the legs. Do not forget about sleeves: the large Episcopal sleeves and the puffy sleeves decorated with frills are still in trend.

Frilled evening dresses fall winter 2019 2020

Pink evening dresses with frills

special design with frills

Bare shoulders

It looks like this is the one of the most feminine pattern that can be observed every season and which is considered for some time classic, and the fall-winter season 2019-2019 is not an exception, therefore the line of the neck and shoulders are uncovered and we totally give up the straps.

Such a dress can combine several trends simultaneously: floral print and lace finish, metallic luster and transparent lace. The color solutions, as well as the decor, are laconic – designers choose classic black colors, claret and a palette of beige shades and combine dense fabrics with light silk and mesh, sewn with floral ornaments.

Evening fashion dresses 2020 bustier

What evening dresses to wear in 2020

Red evening gown 2020 women

best with bare shoulders

Pastel shades

The palette of pastel colors will create a romantic atmosphere for the whole evening, if, of course, the dress code of the event allows it. In the new season, bet on shades of beige in all the diversity – intense camel, cappuccino, almond, cream, pink candy, mint, light blue and lemon.

To create a modern evening image based on pastel shades, choose bohemian-style designs, easy fit silhouette and, of course, floral print. Even in the last season, we combined them with military-style boots and long leather belts. Now we wear them only with stylish shoes, sandals with thin straps and small chained bags.

Evening dresses 2019 2020 fall winter pastel shades

Fall evening gowns 2019


long sleeves pastel shade

Transparent inserts

Variations on the theme of classic black dress are always successful. And this season, such a pattern will be successful, especially if it is filled with transparent inserts or lace inserts. We advise you to start hunting this trophy as soon as possible.

We focus on details: asymmetrical lines, numerous splits and cuts, a combination of different types of lace and their contrast with more dense textures – velvet or satin velvet (they can also be combined with the skin). Shoes and accessories are laconic: nothing unnecessary, at most a miniature red bag.

Fashionable evening dress 2020 black with lace inserts

 Online evening dress

black lace


Despite the trend towards minimalism, pastel shades and intense blackness, we return to the shine of precious metals, which in the autumn-winter 2019-2019 can not be clearly argued.

The glossy texture of the metallic color is combined with monochromatic chiffon or is used as a single element. Do not overload the image with similar or liver textures and prints – opt for accessories from the base kit. As for shoes, the same requirements – black classic leather flats with matte texture.

Silver evening dress fall winter 2019 2020

Evening dresses trends 2020

elegant with stones

Intense colors

The simplest, most concise and always unbeatable option is a monochrome look. For its creation this season, we are returning more and more to the colors of spring and summer and light fabrics, among which, of course, silk occupies the first place. This season we do not overlook the juicy shades of fresh greens, shiny lemon, azure blue, scarlet, etc., and accessories – metallic sandals, boots with transparent decorative details and glitter clutches.

What evening dresses color to wear in 2020

simple intense colors


Vegetal print

Peonies and irises bloom in lush colors along the neckline, sleeves, and this season we opt for patterns with large drawings and embroidery that can handle the product completely or can be combined with a simple corsage – in this case, the most frequently repeated color of the print will be taken as the basis of the dress.

Evening gowns fall winter 2019 2020 print


Evening dresses 2020 with floral print

Classic black

And again we return to the minimalist motives and to the so loved black. We do not limit our styles and decoration: we use asymmetry, deep V-shaped cuts, puffy sleeves, huge frills and deep neckline. From silk we pass to velvet and lace with sequins.

Greek evening dress

Classic black dress 2020




Silk is a noble fabric that should not be missing from your wardrobe, especially if you are talking about evening and cocktail dresses. In the top trends for the fall-winter season 2019-2019 are the gradient color dresses, which are a perfect alternative to the monochromatic dress in dark shades that will fit nicely to any dress code.

Silk evening dress fall 2019 winter 2020

Dress with neckline

Maxi festive dress

Maxi dresses

This fall, we opt for comfortable maxi dresses. The patterns become simpler, the colors more intense and if you see such a dress, go for it. You can wear it every day, with flats or textile boots, in the evening – with stylish stiletto sandals and a mini sack bag.

Winter evening dress 2020

elegant wide dress


Stylish evening gowns

An elegant evening dress, along with an appropriately chosen set of accessories, can make you feel great all night. The height of the heels tends to the maximum and the mood is proportional to it!