Fall-Winter 2019-2019 Street Style Trends

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We already feel the closeness of the autumn-winter season 2019-2019, and fashion weeks in New York, London, Paris and Milan have set the mood. Besides shows organized by famous brands for the whole world, what is happening outside of the location where the fashion photos and Street style celebrities have already been gathered is really what we are interested in. Here, from theory, one can move on to practice: they show us the main trends on the podium and how much they apply in the street style.

Street style fashion trends 2020

The ability to combine classic and shiny colors without being afraid of extravagant accessories is one of the main rules of this season. In addition, the popularity of the oversize style remains the same and the next season remains to be more relevant. Besides denim, which has conquered the hearts of many fashionistas, simplicity and laconism remain a permanent favorite. Of course, there are many variations that you can combine, but you should not exclude the possibility of a denim monolook. Appropriately selected accessories will be your loyal assistants in forming a stylish outfit. And also the ability to combine denim with classic elements, for example, knee boots or monochromatic stiletto shoes, will help you put a stylish accent in your image. And most importantly – do not forget about leather details, animal prints and transparent materials!


After you’ve designed to update the spring wardrobe, put new jeans in the foreground, namely a set of boyfriend jeans and an oversize jacket. The latter can be replaced with a more elegant blazer, complete with a strap.

The style of the jeans remains the same – high waist, slightly shortened length, thorns and cuts. And do not forget to change the brightness: a jacket or a dark-colored denim jacket needs lighter jeans and vice versa. Another current detail of the season is a denim garment and maxi or knee length cardigan. We combine it with both casual and slim fit dresses.

Street style fashion 2019 2020: denim

Women fashion jeans fall 2019 winter 2020

Denim jacket trends 2020

casual denim outfits

Plaid print

In the new season, Scottish red tartan appears not only on the traditional kilt but also on coats, trench coats and vinyl jackets. Stylish pants suit appears in the range of gray and brown colors and in small and large Prince of Wales plaids. Combine dense cloth with varnished leather and choose accessories that match the predominant ornament of shade. We do not forget about 80’s style blazer: which by style reminds us of the male models, so we are not afraid of huge shoulders and the length to the middle of the thigh.

Street style fashion fall winter 2019 2020: plaid


Fashion Bloggers 2020

Leather coat

The main hero of the season became the leather coat. And not in vain, because this is the detail that will completely transform your closet and precisely because the most common image turns into something super style, in the spirit of avant-garde. In fact, vinyl and leather coats are a reference to the 1990’s. Still wearing them with light lingerie dresses, pant suits, denim and knee-high boots. In the final part, we add accessories from the trend charts for this season – narrow glasses and caps.

Blogger outfits at fashion week

Leather fashion coats 2020


Street style fashion fall winter 2019 2020: leather


In the forefront of fall-winter 2019-2019 fashion trends is the comfort. This is suggested by designers in their collections, and our task is to understand with the utmost precision! Overalls, which remind us of the shape and color of work uniforms, are definitely a must-have of the season. We wear it both on the bare body and on simple t-shirts and tops. Accessories are important. We also choose our footwear depending on the occasion: from classical stiletto and stiletto sandals to sneakers and tennis shoes.

Fashion overalls 2020

Women clothes street style


Bulky scarf

He will embrace you and keep you warm: this season you will have to get a scarf and not an ordinary one. Its peculiarity is the type of knitting, dense wool yarns, a few meters long and vivid colors. We combine it with a trouser suit, classic English beige trenches, light coats and denim.

Big fashion scarf winter 2020


Women street style fashion trends with scarf” width=

Leopard print

Everybody can temper the wildlife representatives this season! A must-have of the fall-winter season 2019-2019 is the extravagant leopard coat. The ideas for creating a stylish combination can be found in the 1960’s: dense black tights, rounded top blazers, red bag (season trend – wand bag and miniature coffin) and large-size glasses. We do not even look at the ankle-length hooded dresses: if you are not yet ready for such a decision, choose the model with the “Animal Finish” collar, sleeve and bottom. The combination of textures of the season is dense fabrics with leopard print and patent leather.

Street style fashion trends 2020 leopard

Fashion leopard print


Autumn street style 2019

Colored monolook

Let it be color because we need it in the gray autumn days. Choose from the palette the colors that are closest – pink candy, ultraviolet, aquamarine, chili, freshly cut grass color, light blue and more. The main condition is maximum luminosity, which becomes practically a breath of fresh air for any strict outfit and basic details. Shoes and accessories can play in contrast and may even be unobserved, such as a pair of nude stiletto or sandals with transparent inserts.

Fall winter street style fashion 2019 2020: monolook

Ladies street style fashion outfits 2020


Oversize down jacket

Every time the cold starts, we remove the wool sweater from the wardrobe, the hat that we do not like to wear and the down jacket. We wear it without wanting to do that, always thinking about spring, when we remove it and replace it with a light trench or a tweed blazer. The new season breaks all the stereotypes: now the fluffy jacket should be very bulky, multi-layered and incredibly thick as if you just got off the mountainside on a snowboard. Choose bright colors – fuchsia, blue for kids, cherry tomatoes, as well as floral, leopard and abstract prints. The rest of the image is unlimited: from wide sports pants with contrasting stripes to thin jeans and plaid midi skirts.

Street style fashion jackets fall 2019 winter 2020

Ce tinute se poarta iarna 2020

Military Style

Before we begin creating “military” combinations, let us remember what we need to do that. Military is a familiar style for us, and despite the fact that it refers to the unisex format, with its elements we can create quite feminine images. Its glory is observable in the history of the sixties, when roses, patches, badges and flags appeared on clothes as symbols of movements against a particular political regime. But the popularity of the style was brought by Christian Dior – he was the one who could create the image of a strong woman, but at the same time, of a gentle woman.

Street style fashion trends fall winter 2019 2020: military style

And the autumn-winter season 2019-2019 is the time for brutal boots with laces and thick soles, camouflage prints and green-brown shades. Again, we wear overalls, with several pockets, rivets and full oversize. The main thing is to choose a favorite detail in military style, and in the rest of the picture we rely on comfort.


Street style trends military trends

Trench coats

We will return to the classic motifs: If you do not have a place in your cupboard yet for an English style beige coat with a plaid lining, start looking for it urgently because the hunting season for an impeccable model is said to be open. English collar, belt in the waist area, applied pockets – this is a genuine English coat.

Women fashion trench coat 2020



We often want to bring something original to the picture, so it’s time to leave the nude accessory palette, choosing long trench coats in the most unexpected shades: terracotta, emerald, scarlet, and for bold personalities a transparent trench that will become not only the accent of the whole picture, but it will perfectly protect against the rain.

Transparent fashion trench coats 2020


Trendy trench coats street style


Bold fur

The yeti fur in the lightest colors is what you miss this cold season. We are accustomed to seeing it in a very unusual color scheme – red like fire, terracotta, ultraviolet, baby doll pink, but here it decided to surprise us again. We meet with our favorite fur in all the colors of the rainbow: as if you could not decide on the color and opted for all the colors at one time. Of course, short fur coats do not yield to long-haired ones, but there is a detail – fashion moves in favor of ecological fur – a warm, practical but human material.

Fashion fur 2020

Street style fashion winter 2020



This season the street style fashion clearly does not want to stay away, being declared through bright accessories and unusual things, many of which came to us from different areas of life. And who would have thought that someday we were going to wear work overalls with sandals and chained clutch?