Kate Bosworth beauty secrets

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On December 2, the Californian beauty, Kate Bosworth is celebrating her birthday. At her 32, let’s remember how the beauty brought her the fame and helped strengthening her positions.

Kate Bosworth beauty secrets

Since childhood, Kate was different by her unusual appearance: noble face features, flawless smooth skin, full lips and mesmerizing eyes (the actress has congenital heterochromia: Kate’s left eye is blue and the right – half brown).

Kate Bosworth skin care

The petite beauty attracted the attention more than a decade ago when she had a relationship with Orlando Bloom. The actor starred only in “The Lord of the Rings”, and attracted the attention of admirers. They were called the most touching Hollywood couple: Bloom was never tired in every interview to sing the praises of his beloved, and Kate confessed that she does not imagine her life without the actor.

Three years later, Bloom made Bosworth a marriage proposal: community, with bated breath, was expecting a loud wedding. But in 2006, the celebrity couple broke up, the reason – too busy Orlando Bloom. Only after a while, Bosworth was able again to talk about her first love: “I had a terrible state after the break. I was dizzy. I constantly asked myself, “Is this my new reality? Will I ever be okay?

The relationship with Bloom ended, but the attention to Kate only intensified. She occasionally appears on movie screens, but most often shines at social events: thanks to the refined style, the famous actress quickly gained the popularity in the fashion world.

Kate Bosworth hairstyles


Perfectly smooth skin is the highlight of Kate’s appearance . The actress admits that loves the whole range of facial care products from SK-II (by the way, the actress is the face of this Japanese brand): night masks, serum, day moisturizer, eye cream – “are my Saviour products!”.


Kate rarely changes entirely the look (just last spring she changed the Californian blonde with a red shade), but she loves to experiment with classic hairstyles. Intricate braids, negligent tails, smooth beams, Hollywood curls – looking at her photos from social events, it is difficult to believe that the actress is going through much of the thinness of his hair. “I’m a big fan of the series of products from Purelogy. Their shampoo, conditioner, mask are responsible for the beauty and visual volume of my hair, “- said Kate in an interview.

Kate Bosworth makeup


For the creation of an everyday makeup, the actress does not take more than 15 minutes: in her make up bag is always a face foundation Le Teint Touche Eclat Foundation by Yves Saint Laurent (Kate mixes it up with a moisturizer), cream blush in berry shades and gentle lip gloss Chanel Coco Shine in Rebellious shade. During the evening appearances of Kate, she gladly changes it with fashionable shades of lipsticks that are perfectly suited to her milky skin.

Kate Bosworth eyes color


By nature, Kate is the owner of a fragile and feminine body. Despite the fact that she is not threatened by the appearance of extra pounds,  the actress has always maintained herself in a good shape. At least five times a week for about an hour, Kate is doing cardio workouts or joggings, “I love to train in the morning – it helps me recharge my batteries.

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