Best makeup trends Spring Summer 2016

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We are all already accustomed to see on TV and magazines girls with very long eyelashes, aggressive smoky eyes, and big lips in exaggerated lipstick colors. Advertising imposes us to believe that in fashion is very bright makeup, flashy, attractive, which can be seen by hundreds of meters and that maintains its intensity even a few days. Is it true? What do think about that makeup artists from most famous fashion houses in the world? Find that right now.

Day and evening makeup Spring-Summer 2016

Best eye makeup Spring-Summer 2016

If you know all the fashion trends then you surely also know that over the past seasons, the nude makeup is the leader and this means maximum naturalness. This rule applies to the eye makeup as well. Even if you are used to make accent on eyes and you can not imagine how it feels to get somewhere without makeup, then this season you will have to remain calm.

Cat eye makeup spring-summer 2016. Do you like this kind of makeup? Execute it clean and without leaving the eyelid area, as we see at Fendi. Note that the makeup artist of this brand lifted the angles not outward the eyelid, but inward, adding this way a touch of originality. Another type of cat eye makeup we can see at Prada. Such trendy makeup was presented also by the brand Givenchy and his version can be considered one more artistic and not for every day.

Cat eye makeup professional

Eyeshadow palette Spring-Summer 2016. This season you will have to forget about the bright shades, combination of two or three contrasting shades in one makeup. Most relevant eyeshadows of the season became the pastel shades, peach, pink, beige, cream and brown tones. And in general, the leader in makeup is the monochromatic scheme, when the eyeshadows, blush and lipstick have the same color. In the picture you can see an eye makeup from Stella McCartney, Roberto Cavalli, Versace.

Day makeup 2016

Mascara Spring-Summer 2016. Unlike advertising and demanding standards, aggressive eyelashes with an excessive length are no longer in fashion. The best option for a simple makeup for blondes in spring and summer will become colorless mascara with twisting effect (in picture you can see Giorgio Armani makeup). Brunettes can afford also black mascara and here it is important to apply it in a single layer (Roberto Cavalli). Of course, we are talking here about day makeup. For he evening makeup, you can invent something unusual, for example, trying the example from Rochas – long black eyelashes “baby doll” style.

Mascara makeup tips

Eyebrow makeup Spring-Summer 2016

As for eyebrows makeup, then nothing has changed from last season. In fashion are still thick full eyebrows. Achieving these kind of trendy eyebrows for spring and summer 2016, is more complicated than of thin eyebrows, which already are no longer fashionable. First, make sure you are taking care of your eyebrows to make the hair grow thicker and stronger. Secondly, if you do eyebrow correction independently, just tweeze the hairs at the bottom. And third, forget about “thread by thread” tweezing. This season in fashion is full and natural eyebrows. In the image is shown eyebrow makeup from Bottega Veneta, Emilio Pucci, Giorgio Armani, Roberto Cavalli, Versace makeup artists. Instead the fashion house Prada presented an interesting alternative to the usual thick eyebrows – full eyebrows, accentuated at the top with an eyebrow pencil in a darker shade.

Eyebrow shape Spring-Summer 2016

Thick eyebrows

Perfect eyebrow shape 2016

The best lip makeup tips Spring-Summer 2016

Unfortunately, and surprisingly for everyone, this season left the favorite red lips has left the fashion tops. Bloody shades disappeared so fast from runways that fans are still confused. We hasten to assure you that you can use red lipstick shades for evening and festive makeup. For day makeup, we recommend applying a transparent lip gloss in pink shades. Important is that it shines, it has bright particles and have a pleasant texture and a delicate shade (Bottega Veneta, Emilio Pucci, Roberto Cavalli). Also, in fashion is the lipstick with the same shade as the blush (Giorgio Armani, Lanvin). And most importantly, without eyebrow pencils and contrast contours!

Sexy lips makeup

Evening makeup nude lipstick

Day makeup lip gloss

Face foundation and face powder palette Spring-Summer 2016

This season, as always, is fashionable the smooth and healthy skin. If you have beautiful cheekbones, then it is necessarily to accentuate them with bronzing powder (Versace). Girls with freckles, in spring-summer season 2016 will be in advantage. Do not try to hide freckles under foundation, on the contrary, highlight their beauty using a blush in peach shade (Roberto Cavalli, Stella McCartney). Do not forget that this season in fashion is the naturalness, and therefore, you must use moderate cosmetic products. Very romantic will be to use pink face powders (Bottega Veneta, Marni).

Professional makeup spring

Simple makeup Spring-Summer 2016

Perfect day makeup

Dear ladies, a makeup does not have to radically change your appearance. Love yourself as you are by nature and use cosmetic products only to emphasize your unique beauty.

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