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In 2008, Taylor’s image was of a young country singer, in 2015, she is a famous pop star with an unique style in clothing as well as in her makeup and hairstyles. On the day of her 25th anniversary, we invite you to see what her beauty-secrets are.

Taylor Swift birthday december 13

Before becoming one of the divas of the music industry, Taylor Swift was just a girl from a small town in Pennsylvania, which never parted with his guitar and who since 10 years old, invented songs. Later she began to sing and they say she was doing that in the street, in shop windows, hoping for an approval from the public. One of those who heard her singing, was the producer Scott Borchetta, who subsequently opened the doors in the world of music. Her career quickly took off – she recorded her debut album named Taylor Swift, and two years after the release of her debut single, she was first nominated for the “Grammy” awards, getting a chance to become the owner of the award in the same category as Amy Winehouse.

Taylor Swift beauty secrets makeup

Taylor became popular almost instantly, but in the beginning, she was the idol of teenagers and only a few took her talent seriously. After a couple of years, the things were changing, like she was. From a pretty, funny girl with lush and long curls who appeared at first on the stellar events, the singer turned into a sophisticated girl with a great taste; moreover, thanks to her rapid evolution in style, men’s magazines began to include her in their list of the sexiest women. Nevertheless, unlike many other stars, she does not allow to have a “boyish” style and choose something too extravagant in her outfit, makeup and hair; everything should be neat and elegant, without negligence.

Taylor Swift beauty secrets hairstyle

The brand beauty image of Taylor is her natural wheat-colored hair,  straight bangs (the star does not give up on it, whatever the haircut might be – long or short), soft smoky eyes in shades of brown, fluffy eyelashes and red lips with clearly defined contours. Of course,  Swift not always appears in public with this combination. Instead of the usual bright red lipstick, she occasionally chooses a nude or coral shade , and instead of natural smoky eyes – coal-black or, for example, silver. Black wings, colored eyeliner, soft shimmering glitter – these also can be seen in the images of Taylor.

Taylor Swift beauty secrets lips eyes

5 beauty secrets of Taylor Swift

– When Taylor was in high school, she could not stand the fact that her hair is curled. Over time, this feeling has passed – firstly, because the girl has learned to cope with the iron, and secondly, because she began to prefer the naturalness. She says it is better to leave them in their natural state, than to frequently dry them and give them a “crispy” state.

– Three of the most important cosmetic products in her beautician are: the brown eyeshadows (they can be applied on the eyelids and even on the eyebrows), curler for eyelashes, as well as a moisturizer that “lights up” the skin.

Taylor Swift makeup&hairstyle

– Taylor agrees that in addition to moisturizing, an essential step in the skin care is its purification. The singer admits that she does not always refer to this very seriously and literally tries to persuade herself to wash off the makeup, especially if it was made by a celebrity makeup artist for an outstanding photography.

– The cream, which she uses for skin care on a regular basis is a night cream. The singer applies it before going to bed and in the morning before applying the makeup. The texture of such products is more intense than that of the day products, and Taylor clearly likes that. A proof of that is that her skin always looks flawless.

Taylor Swift red lipstick

– “I adore the red lipstick,” – says Taylor, and her words can hardly be confirmed, because almost every look, has red lips. According to her sayings, sometimes she finds lazy to come up with unusual accents for her makeup, so she just makes a choice in the favor of a red lipstick. To make it last longer, you need a couple of times to get the lips wet with a napkin.

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