All you need to know about makeup brushes and their uses

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There is much debate not only about the technique, but also about the tools for applying makeup products. Most of all “battles” took place between the supporters of products application with fingertips and with brushes. We consider that both options have the right to exist, moreover, we recommend to combine two of these methods together. We have to analyze both points of view but now the subject of our conversation will be makeup brushes.

Best makeup brushes and their uses

When choosing the makeup brushes, there is one important rule that must always be followed: for applying liquid textures chose brushes from synthetic hair, for dry – from natural. This is due to the fact that the natural hair has an absorbency ability and hence the face foundation or the liquid highlighter will remain in a large amount on the brush.

Brush for face foundation

The best option for applying the face foundation is the so popular now duofibra. This product can have both natural and synthetic hair, of different sizes and shapes. Unlike their counterparts, the duofibra is extremely delicate: it is ideal for applying in a thin layer and for a careful blending. Position it perpendicular to the face area and in a circular motion apply the face foundation.

MAC makeup brushes for face foundation

187SH Duo Fibre Face Brush, M.A.C

Powder brush

This is the easiest choice of product. You need it to be big and soft! The larger the brush, the thinner powder layer will lay on the face. If you choose a medium-sized brush, then with it you can also apply the bronzer, the highlighter and the blush. The only thing is that you should not use the same brush for all products, since the color mixing in this case is unlikely to be appropriate. With such brush the powder has to be applied smooth, as if with “smacks” movements.

Gucci PowderBrush

Gucci Powder Brush

Brush for the correcting powder

For dry textures, as we have said above, it is better to choose a brush made of natural hair. Such brush is ideal for applying and blending the corrector – the tool will lay in a thin even layer. Also, for the application of the corrector, you  can chose the “tapered” brush. It will allow the product to perfectly lay on the face and blend it to create a natural effect. If desired, it can be used for applying the highlighter and blush.

Bobbi Brown makeup brushes for the correcting powder

Foundation Brush, Bobbi Brown

Remember a little trick: typing on the brush a small amount of product, before applying it on the skin, whip down a little powder on hand. In the case of dry textures, on the skin it will be applied only the shade.

Eyebrow “combs”

Eyebrow pencils and gels are often released with the appropriate brushes. You can use them, but if you think it’s not very professional, it is best to purchase a separate product. Brush eyebrows can be in several forms. These include a plastic comb, a comb with soft bristles and brush, like a mascara brush. For personal use, there is no need to buy all of them, choose any one. With its help you will be able not only to comb your eyebrows and give them the desired shape, but also apply cosmetic products. Unfortunately, these brushes are difficult to be replaced with some other analogues, but they will serve you for a long time.

Mary Kay Eyebrow Brush

Eyeliner/Eyebrow Brush, Mary Kay

Eyeliner brush

Similar to the eyebrow brush, these are often sold together with the main product, but the factory options are rarely comfortable. Give preference to the instrument on a long “leg” – believe us, they will help draw beautiful wings much nicer; at least you will not have to adjust and to puzzle over on how to hold in hands these magic brushes. Thebrush for eyeliner should have short hair, quite thick and hard, in order to be able to draw a clear line. The best option is the angled brush, as it can help draw a nice thin line from the inner corner of the eye.

NARS Angled Eyeliner Brushes

Angled Eyeliner Brush № 47, NARS

Eyeshadow brush

The main secret of a beautiful gaze is not so much in the application of shadows, as in their blending. Therefore, choose an elastic, soft, fluffy, small size brush.

MAKE UP FOR EVER Professional Brushes

MAKE UP FOR EVER Professional Brush

Lip brush

As a rule, professional makeup artists always apply the lipstick with a special brush – it not only allow to carefully paint over the lips, but also mix the colors and textures. In order to work with lipsticks and lip glosses at home, it is also worth getting a brush for lipstick. Usually it is made of elastic synthetic hair of equal length. The brush should not be too broad and fluffy, so that it could paint over all the “hard to reach” places. Bear in mind that not very full lips are easier to paint with a small brush. Such tools are usually not only easy to use but also are very compact: they can be folded, capped and easily fit in a female beautician.

Dior Lip Brush

Dior «Backstage» Lip Brush, Dior

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