Jessica’s Simpson beauty evolution

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Jessica’s Simpson, one of the most popular Hollywood blond and one of the most popular celebrity of the year 2000, is celebrating today her 34 year Birthday.

Voluminous curls, stunning blond, expressive eyes under long lashes and a white Hollywood smile – this is how we remember Jessica Simpson back in 1999, when she first announced herself, and we see her the same today, in 2015.

Jessica Simpson

Then, her sweet voice and her loveliness of a 20-year-old beauty attracted the attention, but the real glory the singer gained after participating in the reality show “Newlyweds.” Immediately after her marriage to the pop singer Nick Lachey, the couple invited the whole world to follow the evolution of their relationship. The show lasted three years (until the divorce of the sweet couple) and had a phenomenal success. In the midts of the “Newlyweds”, Jessica has released several albums and gained the worldwide popularity, though later she admitted that the reality show with Nick broke their marital happiness.

As planned, one of the main highlights of the program – to show Jessica as a “dumb blond.” The image of a pretty but empty Barbie was attached to the singer and impeded her in later years. After breaking up with her ​​husband, in the life of the pop star came a very bad period: she tired herself in the movie, but her movies failed, the stormy personal life also played a role (rumors say that for four years, Jessica had already 15 boyfriends). As a result, Simpson strongly gained weight and attracted the attention only thanks to the “before” and “after” collages.

Jessica Simpson

Meeting the football player Erik Johns, they definitively moved away from all show business and devoted their-self to the creation of a new family. The birth of two stair steppers also was reflected on her figure. In a rare interview the singer admitted she did not know how to deal with the weight excess and is ready to throw up.

But more recently, in 2015, on one of the social events, Jessica appeared in a skinny dress, demonstrating her figure – a very different, attractive and sexy body. Tabloids flashed again with her pictures and all longed to know what was the secret of such a dramatic transformation of the pop celebrity.

The Simpson’s secret is the Weight Watchers diet, based on nutrition, where each product is assigned a certain number of points based on its calorie content and nutritional value. Each calculates their daily norm on the basis of individual data.

Interesting, but for 15 years of career, the Simpson’s image – despite any circumstances of her life – does not change. Her three main beauty secrets, since its first album Sweet Kisses, are the Californian blond, smoky eyes and the shiny lip gloss.

Californian blond

A bit dark at the roots and lighter at the tips, thick, shiny hair are always considered one of the main distinguishing features of Jessica. She loves to twist them in big curls, create lush hair and braid it in intricate braids. Only once, in 2006, the singer cut his hair, opting for a stylish bob. Such a haircut looked very good on Simpson, saving her from unnecessary pop shine.

Jessica Simpson

Smoky eyes

Her brown eyes, Jessica likes to emphasize with the classic smoky eye makeup with black pencil and thick fog eye shadows of a gray and black palette. A necessary detail of Simpson’s image are long (sometimes too long) false eyelashes.

Jessica Simpson

Lip gloss

Jessica is rarely seen with a bright lipstick. For everyday life, as well as for the going outs, the singer chooses saturated glosses in nude shades. Due to its texture and properly chosen shades, the lips will visually look bigger and sexier.

Jessica Simpson