3 looks from Paris Fashion Week

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The makeup and hairstyle at haute couture shows are as unique as the outfits presented by designers. We offer you to take a closer look to the outfits seen at Atelier Versace, Giambattista Valli and Chanel shows.

The whistling thrush: Atelier Versace

Earlier, the makeup from the Atelier Versace show could be easily recognized by the following characteristics: a flawless skin tone, elegant wings, creating the cat eyes effect, and false eyelashes. Now, the designer Donatella Versace asked the makeup artist Pat McGrath, who regularly creates different makeups for the fashion house show, to dramatically change the Versace classic chic in the outfits for her new couture collection.

Versace Paris

“Donatella wanted to see the modern haute couture, with graphic elements, aerodynamics, but at the same time funny,” – said Pat. This way, on the eyelids of the models, the artist draw sweeping, broad wings. This accent on eyes can not do anything but to attract attention – it makes the look truly spectacular. In order to create such an effect, Pat applied eyeshadows on the entire eyelid, in the inner corners, while on the outer he draw sharp tails, reaching almost to the eyebrows. On closed eyes, they look like a peacock feather pattern. Note that the makeup artist used two shades of shadows: dark blue and light blue. The outer contour of these artistic wings turned dark, the mid – light. Despite the fact that with such wings the eyes look even more expressive, the eye makeup was completed with false eyelashes. Would risk you try the same look? Why not, because for an evening night out, it would have been very appropriate.

Atelier Versace Atelier Versace Atelier Versace

Infinite tenderness: Giambattista Valli

Giambattista Valli Paris

Who said that luxury evening dresses can not supplemented with a natural makeup? The natural beauty is more valuable than any other, it will never go out of fashion, that is why the image in a nude palette has the right to be a part of couture images, and the last show of Giambattista Valli – is a proof of that. In his makeups, the makeup artist Val Graland put an accent on the smooth, clean, flawless skin through the proper selection of the foundation and its uniform application. If the makeup (the same “no makeup makeup”, which is on the top of other trends this season) turned concise and simple, the hairstyles look more original. For the models participating in this show, the hair stylist Orlando Pita made ​a low beam, previously dividing the hair in trendy parting in the middle. The hair was smoothened (by the way, smoothness is now in trend as well), and on top was added a white band with a big bow. Take note of this method: using a band you can add to your image a shade of retro style that always looks elegant and stylish.

Giambattista Valli Giambattista Valli Giambattista Valli

Precious metals: Chanel

If you like bold looks and the punk style, we suggest you to take a look at the hairstyles from yesterday’s Chanel show in Paris: they, surprisingly, go perfect even with the classic tweed suits. But if such experiments are not for you, it is better to pay attention to unusual eye makeups, which were demonstrated by models presenting at the show. The makeup artists who worked on the show, have revised their view on the classic wings and made ​​them in three colors. In the inner corner of the eye these turned silver, in the middle – gold, and the tail had been drawing with a black eyeliner. Although now in vogue are bright wings, tricolor wings are another original idea for makeup, which proved to be excellent on the podium and also promise to be a trend.

Chanel Paris Chanel