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Today, July 15, the German actress Diana Kruger celebrates her birth day. She turns 38 years old and during her career, she managed to work her way out from being a model to a promising Hollywood actress, as well as to become both an icon of style and a beauty icon.

Diana Kruger

You need to really try to find a strong reproach towards the images of Diana Kruger, the blond German with French charm and American openness: the beauty-reputation of the actress is impeccable, although it is very easy to tarnish it(a little more eyeshadow here, a little less concealer there and evil tongues immediately will begin talk unkindly about her). And it is all more surprising when you consider that Diana turns 38, and she looks as fresh as a 20-year-old girl, who has just embarked on the path to the heights of the career.

Diana Kruger

By the way, the first steps” Diana did not make in acting. As a teenager, she was making progress as a model, though as a child she dreamed of becoming a ballerina. But the knee injury did not allow Kruger to make it real, putting paid to professional dance sessions. However, the ballet she did in the past has done its job: it owes Diana’s elegance and grace. But when the ballet was over, she continued to go forward and win beauty contests, signed contracts, starred in commercials and magazine covers. However, later she wanted to leave the modeling business because of its instability, variability, and absence of any guarantees. Therefore, Diana (not without effort and work on self improvement) is firmly established in the film industry.

Diana Kruger

The world fame came to her after filming the movie “Troy”, where also starred Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom and others, and then began her regular appearances on the red carpet premieres, star parties and other social events. In each image she is more beautiful than in other and it seems that with her natural beauty, there is no difficulty in creating hairstyles and makeup or for skin care.

Diana Kruger

But actually it is not like that. “I have very thin hair, and I’m struggling with this every day” – says Diana and therefore she nourishes the hair more carefully, and as little as possible expose them to the ravages of stylers she always dries her hair naturally. Also, her blonde hair and skin make her resort to beauty tricks that help her put an accent on the face. She always emphasize the eyebrows, using a lot of mascara, and do not forget about the bright lipstick.

Diana Kruger

We must say that Diana is not one of those stars who use the classic red lipstick with or without occasion. She use it as well but chooses the most soft, translucent shades graded to carroty or coral colors. Much more often you can see her with a soft pink lipstick Diana rarely tries on the image of the fatal blond, she rather prefer to be delicate and airy.

Diana Kruger

What beauty rituals accompany Diana during the day?

– Morning. She energizes herself with a cup of coffee so as to cope with all morning tasks (“I can not imagine the start of my day without a big cup of coffee” – confesses the actress) and she uses lightweight body lotions and moisturizing creams to put into shape her appearance.

– Day. Before going out, Diana never forgets about sun protection – the risk to get pigment spots scared the celebrity when she moved from Europe to sunny California. SPF 50 or 60 – is her “minimum” even on rainy days. The actress also finds time to maintain her body in shape. Long after a childhood trauma, she did not do anything, but now she has been training three to four times a week with a personal trainer.

– Evening. Compared to many celebrities, Diana rarely apply for the services of professional make up artists when she has to get ready for a night out. She got used to do the make up by her own. But at the same time, she manages to avoid monotony and banality in makeup: I am interested in the transformation process, and before the next night out I always ask myself: ” What kind of woman I want to be today?

Diana Kruger

-Night. There is no difference, if it was a normal working day or fun until morning at a party: Diana never goes to bed without washing off the makeup from the face. This rule is strictly observed and helps her skin in the morning look fresh and young.

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