Clothes for overweight ladies: 2016 trends

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Clothes for overweight ladies 2016 fashion trends

Who said that if your parameters are far from what models have, it is better to forget about stylish clothes? Modern designers have taken care of all types of shapes, so fashionable women’s large size clothes are no longer a rarity. And in order to not buy baggy dresses in obscure in colors, we will talk about the 2016 trends of clothes for overweight persons.

Thick heel

If your weight is far from ideal, then the first thing you should pay attention to in the preparation of attire are the shoes. As strange as it may sound, but heels can save the situation, and their form must be wide and not a classical stiletto heel.

Thick heel for overweight ladies trends 2016

Another particularity is the strap. Shoes with a wide heel and a strap, enveloping the ankle, visually lengthen the legs and elongate the silhouette.

Shoes with a wide heel for overweight ladies


Women’s large size clothing very often is accompanied by such an accessory, like a belt. This product can be called “magic” because its proper use will help to remove a few inches in the waist.

Women's large size clothing with belt 2016 trend


Many overweight women prefer to hide their shape with puffed skirts – it is fundamentally a wrong decision. Such dimensionless variant of clothes only will weight the image! Preference should be given to more feminine models such as pencil skirts or pleated products with an elegant belt.

Skirts for ladies with overweight 2016 fashion trend


This item of clothing for certain is in every woman’s wardrobe, though many choose not quite the right model. Women’s clothing in large size should be slightly elongated – this rule applies to jackets. Select a model with a mid-thigh length and your image will sparkle with new colors.

Jacket for ladies with overweight 2016 best trend


Models of dresses for overweight women are so diverse that they can be confusing, so we will define the most important ones:

  • wrap dresses,
  • midi length dresses,
  • belted dresses,
  • dresses with geometric shapes arranged vertically
  • dresses with large print
  • dresses with three-quarter sleeves,
  • dresses from thin fabrics

Dresses for overweight ladies 2016 new trends

As you can see, ladies large sizes clothing are very diverse. It is necessary to show a bit of fantasy and use our tips to create your ideal image that will make your body look slimmer without any diet.

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