Trendy office dresses 2016 by Axara

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Axara Trendy office dresses 2016

Walking to work should not become a mechanical action, because it not only affects the quality of the performance of duties, the speed, but also the mood. The simplest and most effective option to make it easier is a beautiful dress and a good makeup.

Axara office dresses 2016 Office dresses 2016

Since you can not come into the office wearing whatever, you should pay attention to the collection of outfits that offer business and Axara is one of these. All clothes of this brand have always been famous for their refinement and sophistication. The French know how to transform a simple woman on the one hand into a fragile, and on the other – an independent nature.

Trendy office dresses

Particularities of the collection:

Axara’s capsule collection consists of the following models of clothes:

  • pencil dresses
  • blouses
  • trapeze skirts
  • drainpipe trousers
  • short cut coats
  • mid-thigh coats
  • long gloves

Trendy office clothes 2016

Fabrics and textures:

If to speak about textures, here we have to mention:

  • lace products,
  • leather clothes,
  • tweed outfits,
  • cotton,
  • wool,
  • silk

Trendy womens office clothes 2016

It should be noted that almost in all models, the designer used the technique of combining textures of various density. This mosaic is considered extremely fashionable this season. For example, there are zippered jackets, complemented by leather inserts and reefing jackets with quilted leather.

Black and white office clothes 2016


The designer chose colors taking into consideration the tendency of the collection. There are no neon and flashy colors – all is very discreet but tasteful:

  • white,
  • black,
  • red,
  • blue,
  • “crows feet” print,
  • animal print.

Trendy office dresses 2016 Color

Office clothes should not be associated with a boring look. Grey is not the only shade appropriate for such atmosphere and the Axara collection are proving that. Wearing a red dress in the office (do not forget that not all styles fit for this role!), you will not only respect the dress code, but you may also prompt other employees to review their wardrobe.

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