Spring-Summer 2016 street fashion trends

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The Spring-Summer 2016 Street Style represent stylish outfits of the guests present at fashion shows. Photographs, attending the fashion week, are trying to capture the brightest and the most exclusive and spectacular outfits of the guests, as fashionistas are always interested to know what masterpieces of stylists found an echo among the masses. Today we get acquainted you with the latest trends, presented at the Milan, Paris, New York and London fashion week, by people who know a lot about fashion.

Street fashion trends 2016

Trend No.1 — Stripes

It looks like stripes have caught on fashionistas around the world. A great popularity among guests had the floor length pants in vertical stripes. It is known that vertical stripes visually lengthen the legs and make them thinner. Also were seen dresses, blouses and tops in horizontal stripes, which also became very popular in the last few seasons and it seems that they do not intend to go out of fashion.

Spring-Summer 2016 Street style Stripes

Striped dresses, blouses, tops

Vertical and horizontal stripes

Trend No.2 – Dresses with sneakers

It is an interesting decision to combine an elegant feminine dress with athletic footwear, isn’t it? Sport chic or glamorous sport. Fashionista in France, Italy, Britain and America love this trend and demonstrate it at the spring-summer 2016 fashion weeks. If you want to look fashionable and stylish this season – combine what can not be combined. At least, the attention and interest coming from others is guaranteed!

Street style 2016 dresses with sneakers

Women's sport chic elegant

Trend No.3 – Boyfriend jeans

No matter how sad it would be, skinny jeans have lived their moment of glory. Today, ladies choose their opposite pattern – boyfriend jeans. Large and comfortable, which does not require special shoes or ideal leg forms, such jeans became even worshiped among young and older people. As you can see, they can be worn with boots, sexy and red high heel shoes. Today, when the fashion became democratic, in fashion is to be yourself, to feel free and confident. We believe that wearing boyfriend jeans, you will succeed better than ever.

Street fashion boyfriend jeans with shoes

Large and comfortable jeans with sneakers

Trend No.4 – Oversize

We like this style very much and it seems that the guests present at Spring-Summer 2016 Fashion Week season, are liking it too. Many blouses, trenchcoats, coats and sweathirts in oversize style were demonstrated to fashionistas in these shows. Such loose clothes not only give rein to the imagination, but also allows you to move freely and easily.

Spring-summer 2016 trendy oversized clothing

Street oversized style at Fashion Weeks

Trend No.5 — Loose pants

Continuing the discussion of oversized style, we want to mention the trendy loose pants. This is a special trend, used in designer’s fashion and street style fashion. Many guests wore such pants at Milan and New York fashion shows. In fashion are any oversized pants: short and long, with cuffed edges and without, with arrow or loose, whatever you like. These pants have an important advantage: they can be worn with anything. They will fit perfectly with a short top and a jacket on the waist, with a chiffon blouse or a semi-sporty jacket.

Loose pants at Milan

Street style loose pants

Trend No.6 – Fringes

A stylish spring-summer season 2016 decor – fringes. Do you like country style and hippy? Then you will surely love the outfits decorated with fringes. They do have something romantic and very feminine. Some guests chose fringed skirts and dresses, others chose shawls and shoes, decorated with these decorative elements.

Trendy Spring-Summer 2016 fringes

Clothes with fringes street fashion

Trend No.7 – Small print

The fashionable spring-summer 2016 season small print was chosen as the outfit accessory by many guests present at Paris and New York fashion week. Such print has certain popularity in hot season of the year, when ladies prefer to wear loose dresses made of lightweight and fine fabrics. And of course we noticed also the polka dots prints which this season can be small, large and very large.

Street style trendy prints

Polka dot clothing in Paris and New York

Trend No.8 – Pleated skirts

Pleats came into fashion not for a long time but already managed to be loved not only by famous designers, but also by well known fashionistas. If you analyze the websites of fashion bloggers, then you will be convinced that pleated skirt is everywhere. This is already a must-have for this season, appearing just as quickly as disappearing from fashion.

Pleated skirts must have of Spring-Summer 2016 season

Trend No.9 – bright colors

Although color institutions and fashion publications are trying to impose ladies a limited palette of fashionable colors, ladies however, wear those colors that they like and that suit them. These season, according to Pantone Institute, fashionable are mostly faded colors, but guests have shown the opposite. We see many shades juicy fruits! When, if not summer, it’s time to be attractive and fashionable?

Summer street outfits

Summer 2016 trends

Actual bright colors

Trend No.10 – Checks

Look how many checkered outfits were presented by guests at fashion week! Skirts, pants, suits – a real invasion of checks. Although, if we remember the designer collections for spring-summer 2016 season, then we see that checks almost can not be seen. This is a proof that classic is a true competitor of fashion.

Classic checks

Black-white checks

Street style in checks

Trend No.11 – Pumps

Elegant pumps are very popular in the Street Style of the season. No wonder that they are not only eternal classic, but also one of the main trends of spring-summer 2016 collections of famous fashion houses. In addition, pumps are the most beautiful and sexiest shoes, which have no competitors.


Street Style footwear

Trend No.12 – Graphic prints

Lively and bold prints will please the young and daring fashionistas. They will create a positive mood and certainly will capture the attention of others. They can be of all kinds, from cartoon heroes, to images of Statue of Liberty.

Graphic prints street style

Trend no.13 – semi-transparency

Among fashionistas present at Paris and New York Fashion Week, were many who opted for semi-transparent outfits. But we must mention that all looks were pretty detained and not very bold. Semi-transparent blouses were worn over beautiful designer’s lingerie and semi-transparent skirts were combined with opaque skirts.

Semi-transparent clothes

Trend No.14 – Headwear

The street style pleased us with a large variety of headwear. These include caps worn back before that in the distant 90’s. But mostly were seen stylish hats. Medium and wide-brimmed hats, Fedora hats, bell hats, and more. Remember that hat is not only a stylish accessory but also a protector of skin and hair against strong sunlight during hot summer.

Spring-Summer street style accessories 2016

Stylish hats

Trend No.15 – floral print

One of the main trends of the spring-summer 2016 season is the floral print. This embellished dresses, blouses and tops on podiums during presentations collections of designers as well as guests outfits. Thousands of red roses were sprinkled on oversize pants suit on a guest from Paris, and four different floral prints have become the stylish element of a skirt suit worn by a guest from New York. An unusual combination of stripes with floral print was observed on a guest at London fashion week.

Street style floral print

Trend No.16 – Pants with stripes

We already talked that the presence of sport elements at looks at that are not sporty is something new in the coming season. Thus we see sport pants with stripes, combined with high heeled sandals and an elegant coat (Milano) or combination of such pants with stripes with a bluish blue blouse and flat soles shoes (New York).

New pants with stripes

Trend No.17 – High sole shoes

High sole shoes and platforms are a current trend of the spring-summer 2016 season. Shoes and sandals, loafers and men’s shoes, designers add platform to any type of shoes, and users are really surprised. Unlike stiletto heel, such shoes are more comfortable and also visually lengthen the legs and make them more graceful.

Street Style platform shoes

Trend No.18 – Flared trousers

Fashionistas were still unaware that in the new season, fashion designers will introduce flared trousers, but some have sensed this and have worn these types of pants. Fashionable flared pants can be from the knee area as well as from the hips. You can read more in this article.

Womens flared trousers

Trend No.19 – Street Style handbags

As regards the handbags, the street style fashion look like the fashion from the runways. In fashion are compact saddle bags, shopper type bags, clutches with small front handle, purse handbags, travel bags, and more. We recommend right now finding out what spring-summer 2016 fashionable handbags and clutches were presented by renowned designers of the most famous fashion houses.

New modern bags

As you can see, the street style fashion is closely linked with designer’s fashion. Visitors at presentations often demonstrate masterpieces from previous collections of their favorite brands. The whole spring-summer 2016 street style fashion arises from the runways fashion, but the fashion from runways does not always resonate with the street style fashion.

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