Spring-Summer 2016 suits trends

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A woman wearing a suit will be in the center of attention wherever she might be and regardless if she wants that or not. Elegant, stylish, confident – she wants what’s impossible and receives it.

Women pant suit 2016

Today we want to tell you about the most fashionable women suits for spring-summer 2016 season. Due to the huge effort of designers, their collections abound with costumes in different designs: formal and romantic, with pants and skirts, sports and festive. We present you the most beautiful suits from the most famous fashion houses.

Women’s office pant suits

An office suit is not just a simple clothing in woman’s wardrobe. It is the base of the business style, on which depends the image of women in the company and her career. It is no longer a novelty that women’s office pant suits migrated from male wardrobe. For the first time, women have proved such a suit in the 19th century, in the middle of emancipation. Although in fashion circles, the appearance of women office suit is associated with the legendary Coco Chanel era, namely because she invented the suit as it looks today.

This season, designers haven’t “invented the wheel” and mostly presented women’s office suits in classic style. Georgio Armani amazed us with his pant suits that were really classic, elegant and luxurious. Other designers also presented interesting designs: waist jackets (Ralph Lauren, Christian Dior, Emporio Armani), male style suits (Hermès, Bottega Veneta, Iceberg), short pants (Dsquared², Akris).

Spring-Summer 2016 office suits

Women's business style

Elegant office designs

Classic jackets


A casual suit is what every woman needs in the fast pace of our lives. In this suit we can fly in a trip, go out for a walk with the baby, go shopping, coffee with friends or a walk in the park with your boyfriend. Casual suit is an evidence of a good taste of its owner. And 99% designers agree with that, as evidenced by the enormous amount of casual suits in the latest spring-summer 2016 collections.

Women’s suits in pajama style

Pajama-style clothing it is making its way in the fashion world. Comfortable and practical, such suits will be loved by women without stereotypes, who appreciate comfort and individuality more than fashion labels. Such models can be seen in the collections of Alberta Ferretti, Barbara Bui, Giles Spring, Kenzo, Matthew Williamson.

Spring-summer 2016 pajama style suits

Casual designs

Sport suits

Instead sport suits are specially designed for women who are always on the move. For those active, who always run, walk or fly somewhere. These suits are distinguished by practicality, they do not limit movement and at the same time, unlike conventional sport suits, allow ladies to stay beautiful and stylish. Lively and charming sport suits with metallic shine proposed designers Ralph Lauren and Barbara Bui. While in suits from Akris and Dsquared², you can even run a cross or play basketball.

Summer sport suit with pants

Casual romantic suit

As for the suits in romantic style, they speak for themselves. Such suits (even if they are with pants and not with skirt) are designed for real, incredibly feminine, delicate, sweet and charming ladies. They are created to emphasize femininity, to show everyone how important it is for a woman in this crazy world to stay harmonious and peaceful. A white suit with pleated blouse, ruffles sleeves and fringe suggested the fashion house Loewe. A delicate combination of mesh and lace can be found in azure colored pantsuits from Elie Saab. While Emilio Pucci showed an excellent knitted costume in Indian style. Also, in the images you can see suits in romantic style from Nr. 21, Elie Saab, Giorgio Armani.

Casual suits

Spring 2016 romantic suits

Women’s suits in casual and urban style

First, we will tell you a few things about these two styles. Both casual and urban styles have one common feature – clothes should be very comfortable and wearing them should make you feel like a fish in water. But what is the difference? Casual – is an everyday style, suitable for both 16 years girls and for 70 years women. And whether it is advisable to divide it in smart casual, business casual, street casual, it hasn’t severe limitations. Urban means modern. This trend is exclusively for uncompromising and daring youth, who tend to express their individuality to the fullest. Let’s go back to casual style suits from spring-summer 2016 collections Analyzing famous fashion houses we can immediately notice a large amount of white suits which demonstrates once again that the white color is a basic trend of the new season. The images show white suits in casual and urban style from Stella McCartney, Barbara Bui, Christian Dior. A very original and stylish suit presented the brand Fendi – gradient coloring, short banana pants and blouse with cuts. And of course we can not mention the Loewe suit – their bluish blouse seems to be made of pieces of fabric with broken edges, flared trousers at the knees and a big belt with bow. Also, in images can be seen spring-summer 2016 suits in casual and urban style from Acne, Akris, Balmain, Chanel, Giorgio Armani, Kenzo.

Women's urban style suits

Elegant evening designs

Pants with jacket for evening

Special occasion suits

Unlike all the suits listed above, special occasion suits are a rare guest in women’s wardrobe. Few can appreciate all the advantages of this type of suit and these are so many. If you want to impress your business partners, or after a day of work you expect a corporate party, or if you intend to go to a celebration, but want to stay the same elegant lady, then this type of suit is your choice! Bold colors, great design, nice and refined decoration are the hallmarks of the special occasion suit. The images show special occasion pant suits from the spring-summer collection of Giorgio Armani, Matthew Williamson, Acne, Antonio Berardi, Christopher Kane, Dsquared², Emilio Pucci, Iceberg, Matthew Williamson, Dolce & Gabbana.

Women's special occasion suit

Women's trendy clothes

Spring Summer 2016 Jacket with pants

The suit is a wonderful alternative to pants, jeans and sweaters that we are used to and the variety of designs, styles, fabrics and colors will easily meet the needs of women passionate of fashion. Wear suits more often because they are really wonderful.

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