Spring-Summer 2016 clutch bags

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Summer is the season when we do not need many clothes, excessive makeup and in the feminine purse minimum necessary things. Indeed, in summer, we do not have to always carry with us umbrellas, gloves and a scarf in case it gets cold. That is why we choose a small and comfortable bag. The best option is a beautiful and original clutch bag, from spring-summer 2016 collections.


Trendy clutches 2016

Wallet clutch

This summer, incredibly popular and requested will be the wallet clutch. A very small bag for essential things only. Such a clutch can be worn on strap or in the hand; it is compact but easily fits things necessary for many girls: phone, money, a lip gloss, and even a tube of bronzing cream. Stylists never cease to remind us that in fashion are original envelope clutch bags that must be chosen in one color with the shoes. A huge variety of spring-summer 2016 clutches we see in Giorgio Armani, Rochas Spring, Versace, Bottega Veneta, Chanel, Valentino collections.

Spring-Summer 2016 wallet clutches

Wallet clutch purse

Women's wallet purse

Reptile skin clutch bags

Certainly, this material or its imitation has become a classic in the world of fashion. Each season, designers offer an enormous variety of women’s bags, envelope bags, wallets in this style, and they are increasingly required. A reptile skin clutch is a very refined accessory that speaks for itself. It is not only a proof of a good taste of its owner, but also a sign of wealth. And we should not forget about the high quality of these bags. Being very practical, they will not ever go out of fashion and will serve many years in a row. In this season, you can meet such models in collections of fashion houses such as Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, Giorgio Armani, Lanvin, etc.

Reptile skin clutch bags 2016

Women’s evening reptile clutches

Round clutch bags

This season, bags were replaced by original and very stylish clutches. One such accessory will surely attract the attention of others. It can not be called a bag, but instead it can be considered an ultra modern accessory. You can not go to sea with such purse, but at an open-air party on the beach you will look flawless. Search round clutches in the last spring-summer 2016 collection from Versace and Nina Ricci.

Spring round clutch bag 2016

Foldable clutches

The foldable clutch is the most adored by practical girls. It serves as a savior when you need to put in your purse more things than planned. You were walking in the park and you bought a dress? You’ve come to a date and received as a gift a teddy bear? A modern and spacious foldable clutch bag will help you. And although every season such accessory is increasingly rare, true admirers will not give up on them. This season, the foldable clutch bag can be found in collections from Celine, Roberto Cavalli, Rochas Spring.

Summer 2016 foldable clutch

Envelope clutch bag

We have already said that the more unusual is your clutch this season, the better. It’s time to let your imagination free and show your individuality to the fullest. Especially since it is not difficult to do this, considering that fashion designers have presented in their shows an enormous amount of unusual envelope clutch bags. Triangular envelope clutch bags in trendy soft shades like Marsala and iced strawberry, can be seen in Loewe collections. A very original envelope clutch offers the fashion house Balenciaga. The masculine style clutch, with exterior pockets and sections from Versace, is a very interesting and unusual model for those who appreciate true fashion. And these are just some unusual designs presented at Fashion Week.

Spring-Summer 2016 original envelope clutch bag

Elegant evening clutches

Modern decor

A stylish decor is always in fashion. It is important not to overdo it. In this season actual will be fur, marabou feathers, sequins, stones, Swarovski crystals, beads and perforations, the hit of the season. There’s no need to choose a clutch decorated with many accessories, better choose one with less. Remember that the decor is intended only for the attention of others, and if it is in excess, then it is better to not expect good compliments. Spring-summer 2016 clutch bags decorated with stylish elements can be found in the collections of Dries Van Noten, Giorgio Armani, Rochas Spring, Versace.

Decorated clutch bag

Clutches with elegant decorations

Trendy prints

This season there aren’t too many clutches with prints, but still there are extraordinary models that deserve all our attention. We present luxurious clutches from Valentino. Bohemian flowers, decorating dresses in the style of the 70’s, can be seen on beautiful clutches with lateral lever. Creative directors Maria Grazia and Pierpaolo Picciolo Currie are very brave – their creations can be rightly called masterpieces.

Clutch bags with prints

These are the models of spring-summer 2016 season clutch bags. Originality and creativity will guarantee your success.

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