Fashionable warm dresses or what to wear to not get cold?

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It happened that the beautiful half of humanity wants to be cute and attractive all year round. Dresses help us look feminine in the first place. But what about in the winter time, when you can no wear a short dress and a deep neckline is not the best option.

Fashionable warm dresses winter 2016

Designers of clothes are more interested in the health of fashionistas that is why fall-winter collections for the recent seasons (fall-winter 2015-2015) include a lot of knitwear and woolen products.

Yes, now it is fashionable to wear warm and voluminous dresses! Also in trend are dimensionless knit sweaters and maxi skirts of the same material. Such set can be supplemented with a warm scarf, a bright shade of lipstick and a stylish pair of boots. The décor elements of jerseys are most often fringes and insertions from different textures, such as suede.

Trendy warm dresses winter 2016

Just thinking of a few seasons ago, this turn of events surprised the audience, which amazed were admiring “big” knit dresses from The Row, and Michael Kors at New York Fashion Week. And today, even Calvin Klein Collection is saturated with similar fashion creations.

Warm dresses not get cold in winter 2016

Generally, if wondering how to keep warm in autumn and winter, the best answer will be: wear warm clothes. However, it is not necessary to make sacrifices for the sake of beauty and put on thin clothes. Believe me, a woman in such a dress is not only looking less attractive among the snowdrifts, but also seems very silly.

Thin fashionable warm dresses winter 2016

Dress according to fashion and do not forget about comfort, because the designers are doing everything to ensure that our everyday appearance became more practical as possible and not lose sexuality.

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