Trendy wedding dresses 2016

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The wedding is a significant moment in the life of every girl and woman. At this time, all brides should look flawless making for this evening a special hairstyle and makeup and of course choosing a particular style and fashionable dress. If you have planned for the next year such a nice event as the wedding, we recommend you to carefully read this article and see the best pictures of wedding dresses 2016, we have selected especially for you.


Wedding dresses 2016

The new collections presented by the best designers, are astonishingly varied. Each girl and woman can find something perfect for her, according to her preference and style. Avant-garde, eternal classic or a romantic outfit – no matter what you choose, you will look perfect.

Trendy colors

White wedding dresses are always in fashion, but the unusual colors are more frequent seen in fashion collections. In the new season, shades such as turquoise, pink, pearl, mint eclipsed traditional bright colors. In fashionable colors dresses, brides will look immaculate and stylish and will be true queens of the party.

Wedding dresses 2016 trendy colors

The minimalism of the 90’s

This trend is observed in the collections of the last century of various designers. We were shown straight silk, laconic, but incredibly stylish dresses. These models emphasize the body shapes. Some are on the waist and gives the image a touch of original look.

Simple wedding dresses 2016


Lots of lace on a wedding dress is definitely an excellent choice. Slightly transparent, lightweight sleeves, puffy skirts and lacy neckline of intriguing charm will delight not only the groom and guests, but also all those present at the event. This subtle reflection of Victorian romance creates the right atmosphere, and makes any bride very delicate and refined.

Wedding dresses 2016 lace

If you are not afraid of extravagant outfits, you can stop the election at transparent dresses with transparent lace back, or bold neckline of frills. Very current is considered the big lace, used all over the dress – on the corset, on the skirt and even on the veil. What is important is the elegance and the simplicity. If you choose a luxurious shining fabric dress with lace or embroidery, you have to give up on bright and bold accessories and details. Do not forget that a trendy wedding dress 2016 is the dress that suits your body shape, looks original, but not extravagant and in which you feel very confident and attractive.

Lace back wedding dress

A-line silhouette

The A line wedding dresses are a universal design, suitable for any bride, no matter of body shape she would have. Moreover, such design can be executed in various ways. The A-line silhouette dresses can be puffy, as well as elegant and special.

A line wedding dresses 2016

Mermaid wedding dresses

Even those who love laconic designs will be able to find an appropriate model. The mermaid dress will enjoy a great popularity in 2016. Such dress will definitely please the owners of voluptuous body shapes. This allows the bride to look feminine, soft and sexy at the same time.

Trendy mermaid wedding gowns

Drop waist

Such dress design will allow you to show your entire feminine curves of your silhouette. This is a very popular design, which emphasizes the body shapes and which ends up down in a fluffy skirts. The 2016 trendy wedding dresses make a new turn, leaving this beautiful style in trend.

Drop waist bridal gown

Open back

This type of wedding dresses is present in wedding collections for a long time. Such dresses were called portrait back wedding dresses or with laced back. Undoubtedly, graceful lace patterns on the back of a woman will look interesting and delicate. This dress beautifully emphasizes the feminine curves and looks very tempting.

Open back bridal gowns 2016

Princess wedding dress 2016

Do you want to look like a princess and others your subordinates who are trying to do what you like? Then do not hesitate to try wedding dresses with fluffy skirts, like in the middle Ages. The bodice will make the waist look slim fluffy skirt will give flexibility and the long train will give greatness. It will be impossible to not feel a real princess in such a dress.

Princess wedding dresses

Greek style

Certainly, this type of dress will remain popular in any season. And it is not surprising because Greek-style outfits are symbolizing the beauty of Greek goddesses. With a high waist silhouette, they give a touch of femininity and sensuality. It is an ideal wedding dress for a perfect bride.

Grecian wedding dress 2016

Two piece wedding dresses, a new trend of 2016

An incredible offer and a hot trend of the year 2016 are the two piece wedding dresses. The separately skirt and bodice allows you to create different combinations. Blouses extremely delicate and original tops look perfect with skirts. It is very easy to create a new wedding outfit in different styles.

Two piece wedding dresses

Puffy wedding dresses

Since childhood, every lady dreams of being a princess and during the wedding, this dreams can be realized any time you want. The beauty of the bride can be best emphasized by a wedding dress with puffy skirt. The puffy skirt and the tough bodice will ideally emphasize the breasts, and will turn into a fairytale princess. Traditionally, the bodice is decorated with rhinestones, sequins or embroidery. Although, there are many other options… It is important that such a model accentuates your waist and hides the body imperfections, if you are the owner of triangle type figure.

Puffy wedding dresses 2016

Intriguing transparency

This spring and summer transparent style peaked in popularity. Many dresses, skirts and suits are made of soft and transparent fabrics. The fashion on wedding outfits does not fall behind. In many collections can be seen quite daring clothes for brides that will intrigue, attract and conquer. For example, in the collection of wedding dresses of the famous Vera Wang for 2016 are presented such outfits with different designs: with puffy skirts, in Slink style.

Transparent wedding dresses

Extraordinary transparent dresses are present in this year’s collections.

Lace transparent wedding dresses

Closed back wedding dresses

Brides who prefer elegance and brevity, designers recommend closed back wedding dresses. Such models, depending on the season, may have long sleeves. Of particular concern are such beautiful dresses made of matte velvet, with minimal decoration applications. As for dress decoration can serve a not too big belt and a bow or a beautiful flower.

Closed back wedding dresses 2016

Short wedding dresses

A special place in fashion collections has short dresses. They are intended for those brides who are proud of their bodies and who are accustomed to always be the center of attention. A girl in such an outfit will always look stylish and attractive, yet delicate and refined. In fashion are bulky silhouettes with contrasting colors applications and embroidery or rhinestones.

Short wedding dress

Office style

As usual, the designers are experimenting with shapes, fabrics and decorations. This season we can meet office-style wedding dresses. What is the icing on the cake of these dresses? First, the top resembles a shirt, as if the bride after the ceremony has taken out the puffy skirt and is ready to go at work in the office. However, these dresses are as delicate and romantic. They are decorated with rich applications and layered skirts. You will surely want to try on such an outfit.

Office style wedding dresses 2016


A wedding dress with patterns looks beautiful, fashionable and original. Besides applications of rhinestones, sequins and stones, many designers create incredible patterns on wedding outfits with the help of other decorative elements: threads, fluff, feathers, artificial flowers made of fabric, ribbons and stripes.

Trendy wedding dresses with patterns


In the 2016 season we can notice a wonderful trend – laced sleeves. In general, designers have introduced many outfits with long sleeves in different fabrics. Moreover, lace occupies a top notch, especially the very soft and weightless lace. Transparent tulle decorated with flowers, it is also fashionable. In fashion are also the covered shoulders, the ideal option for young newlyweds, who do not like open dresses. To highlight the shoulders, designers use refined lace, decorating the shoulders and the shoulder blades focusing on these areas.

Long sleeve wedding dresses

Trendy details of wedding dresses 2016

Renowned fashion designers consider the details listed below are able to make trendy any wedding outfit:

  • Frills, sewn along the waist area.
  • Train, of any length which corresponds to the color of the dress, and that is not different from its cloth.
  • Cleavage bra – strapless dress, which highlights the beauty of the chest and the shoulder line.
  • Charming cut in the back – open or covered with extremely thin lace.
  • Sleeves of any length.
  • Any asymmetric detail: bra, skirt, slit.

Elegant wedding dress for a perfect wedding

These trends will be actual in the world of brides and of bridal outfit’s designers for the hot season ahead. We hope that 2016 wedding dresses, presented by designers in their collections in various options will help choosing the perfect wedding dress and make a better impression on the once you love.

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