The rule of a successful makeup. The “one accent” rule

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The one accent rule of a successful makeup

The rule of a successful makeup is to emphasize either the eyes or lips. If we do expressive smoky eyes, then the lips must be in natural shades. In case if on lips it is applied a brighter color, then a little attention must be paid to the eye makeup – it is better to choose eyeshadows in nude gamma. Another option is to simply accentuate the eyelashes with the help of a mascara.

The main purpose of compliance with the emphasis in the makeup is the preservation of harmony in colors, textures and techniques of application so as it did not look like a mask (too intense) and “do not overload” the face. Since the purpose of makeup in the first place is to make the face more expressive, and not just to experiment with the color palette.

The rule of a successful makeup

Makeup artists have long divided into two camps: some advocate the observance of this rule, while others prefer to ignore it. But what rule usually knows no exceptions! We believe that we need to be able to correctly put the accents in a makeup.

Beauty tip: Correctly put the accents in a makeup

Of course, in everyday life girls should better not overdo it and pay attention to either eyes or lips makeup intensity. Or even make the main advantage of a makeup a perfect skin, sculptural facial features and a white smile. In the afternoon, if you’re going to school or at work, take it for a rule. If you apply a bright lipstick – use beige eyeshadows or create soft wings; if you apply dark eyeshadows – use a transparent lip balm.

Bright red lips and bright eyeshadow

Thus for stylized shots, evening events and other suitable cases, you can break the rule of “one focus” and, for example, add bright red lips to bright black wings. It is important to remember that an exception to this rule does not imply that you should emphasize on the face all at once: in makeup, like in everything else, it is necessary to know the sense of proportion.

Classic retro red lips and black arrows in style of Marilyn Monroe and Dita Von Teese

If the rule of one accent is as follows: bright eyes – natural lips, bright lips – natural eyes – then when it is violated, we do not complement bright lips with an emphasis on the eyes, but choose something in between “bright” and “natural”. For example, wine lipstick and dark smoky eyes, made with black eyeshadows, will look very defiant and even vulgar. But red lips and black arrows are a classic, it is a retro makeup in the style of Marilyn Monroe and Dita Von Teese. Bright (but not dark) eyeshadows on the eyelids and catchy lips remind us of the disco era.

One accent makeup

When breaking the rules, we always look at all possible risks and people with taste, know how to break them “wisely”. Ignoring the rule of “one focus” in the makeup, know that this must be appropriate and in accordance with the circumstances (suitable options are evening events, gala outputs). In addition, violation of the rules must not make disharmony in your natural look, and if after applying cosmetics at you from the mirror looks strange a girl urgently, ask her to wash the face.

Makeup ideas

Beauteful makeup red dark lips with green eyeshadow

When we talk about accents, we mean not only the intensity of color in the eye or lip makeup, but also the compatibility of shades. By this it is meant that any color on the face must be in a good harmony. For example, if you do a nude makeup and on the eyes you apply a pink color eyeshadow, you should use a blush in a similar shade. In this case, the color of the eyeshadows will not stand out but will harmoniously fit into your image. After all, the main advantage of using an eyeshadow is to not show its brown shade, but to emphasize the depth and the expressiveness of the eyes. Remember about that and about the sense of proportion. In makeup the “less is more” rule is more appropriate than the rule of “one accent”. We wish you successful experiments.

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