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Thin thread eyebrows are already out of fashion trends for several seasons. Now, preference is given to wide thick eyebrows, which, fortunately, does not require a lot of effort to maintain. Let this trend come into your life, looking closer at it with the help of looks from the podium.

It’s not a news anymore that correctly accentuated with makeup “sable” eyebrows (it should be noted that this is a key condition), are now considered a sign of good taste in makeup and are one of the main beauty trends. But if you’re still afraid that by giving the eyebrows “freedom” and refusing to adjust them to the thickness of the strings, you’ll look vulgar, look carefully at how makeup artists treat the eyebrows of models on the backstage of fashion shows. We give you five good examples of how wide and accentuated eyebrows can look feminine, elegant and give your image nobility.


Valentino eyebrows Valentino eyebrows Valentino eyebrows

Simplicity holds beauty nobility and greatness. Make-up artists who worked on Valentino show, adhere to the principles of natural make-up with an emphasis on the wide eyebrows. They paid a special attention to the shape of the eyebrows and made them expressive by bending eyebrows “tail”. The color of the used products (pencil or eyeshadow) the eyebrows were highlighted with, was chosen in the shade of model’s hair. As a rule, it should be maximum a shade darker than the hair. At the end of eyebrows makeup, the makeup artists fix the hairs with colored or clear gel. As you can see, the nude makeup basically has the focus on the eyebrows which gave to the facial expression of models a greater severity, concentration and determination.

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein

At Calvin Klein show, the eyebrows of models look natural and at the same time a bit massive. But they did not give rudeness to the girl’s images – on the contrary, in conjunction with the careless waves and minimal makeup, such eyebrows “appearance” looks most natural.

Jason Wu

Jason Wu

If in Valentino and Calvin Klein shows the accentuated eyebrows were almost the main accent in the look and stand out from the neutral makeup, then Jason Wu show will serve us as a model of how to accentuate the eyebrows in a bright evening make-up. The eyelids of models were covered with golden sparkles. Thanks to the accentuated eyebrows, the facial features became more pronounced and allowed to attract more attention on the eyes. In an evening look it is better to avoid negligence in the eyebrows “arrangement”. Following the example of make-up artists who worked on Jason Wu show, smooth the eyebrows with a transparent gel and make them a clearer contour. However, the contour should not be clear in excess, otherwise the result will look unnatural.

Nina Ricci

Nina Ricci Nina Ricci

Make-up artists who worked on the backstage of Nina Ricci spring-summer show also opted for accentuated eyebrows. But, in their opinion, if the eyebrow curve is bright enough, smoky eyes, the “cat eyes” effect other options of an expressive eye makeup should definitively be avoided. Instead, the lips can be accentuated with various lipstick shades – in case of Nina Ricci, this was in carroty shade, the so fashionable color in this season.

Proenza Schouler

Proenza Schouler

At the Proenza Schouler show, makeup artists avoided eyebrows pencils, eyeshadows, and color gels, which allow making a significant accent on the eyebrows. Models have wide, furry eyebrows, but no trace of “touch-up” was visible. This option seems to be most natural and more approoriate for everyday looks. You will only need to carefully “arrange” the eyebrows with the brush, and then fix the obtained form with a clear gel.

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