Podium look: Jason Wu, Spring-Summer 2015

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Even if your cheekbones, browned by the sun are already shining in the golden shade of the sunburn, a little more gold will not affect the image – a prove of that can be observed in the make ups presented at Jason Wu Spring-Summer show. Follow our instructions if you want to do it is well.

Jason Wu

Jason Wu, Spring-Summer 2015

The luxurious and noble gold glow is appropriate in more than one evening makeup, it is just one of the options of the “metallic” effect and in moderate amounts it is also suitable for “everyday use”. Such “practical” gold managed to do the makeup artist Diana Kendal on the Jason Wu Spring-Summer 2015 show. Her makeup option is consistent with the casual style because as the background ,under the shade of gold, she chose an ordinary coffee shade. Moreover, the golden accent should be the only shade in the makeup so as the image did not look ceremonial, but suitable for everyday life. The makeup from Jason Wu show allows you to master all these subtleties, especially as it is not so difficult to repeat it by yourself.

Jason Wu show

Preparing for the show Jason Wu

Step 1. Preparing the skin tone

In order to attract others attention only on your eyes, shining with gold, you have to take care of the skin tone because it has to be impeccably smooth otherwise the attention from your eyes will be distracted by the skin imperfections. Use foundation suitable for your skin, evenly applying it on the face and without forgetting to “treat” the under eye area so as the sight would be more fresh and relaxed. Also, take care of that the skin tone was not pale but warm, and apply a blush in a natural peach shade or slightly underline the cheekbones with a bronzer powder.

Step 2. Creating the base for the golden accent

Before you start with the “golden pollen”, you must prepare a base, which in the case of Jason Wu became brown. Following Diana’s example, outline the future eye makeup using a brown pencil (Kendal draw a line in the crease to the outer corners of the eyes and sharpened it). Avoid too clear and graphical lines – blend the obtained brown contour. Thanks to this, the eye makeup will look soft and you will get the effect of smoky eyes. Then choose a light beige shade of the eyeshadow with a barely noticeable flicker and apply a light layer of it on the eyelids.

Gold glitter

Step 3. Applying gold glitter

The brown “base” is ready. We got to the main accent of the look. Apply a shimmery gold shade or a powdery glitter in the center of the eyelid and distribute them evenly. For the eye contour to “not get lost” on the background of this glare, draw a thin wing on the upper lash line with a brown eyeliner. Complete the eye makeup with the help of a mascara. Do not be stingy! Do not be afraid to apply several layers for a spectacular result. It will not look vulgar as we do not focus on the lips as these will have a nude shade.

Podium look

Step 4. Finishing the makeup with a lip gloss

For the lips make up, we choose a semitransparent lip gloss in pinky shades, however the pink must be warm  similar to the whole make up gamma. Apply the lip-gloss to obtain a light shimmer.

You can “adjust” the make up intensity in your own taste depending on the occasion for which you choose such accent on the eyes. Add more gold shimmer if you are going to attend a festive party or reduce it when it’s the case of a calm every day look.

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