Colored eyebrows – a beauty trend for 2016?

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Colored eyebrows

At Fashion Week shows, top fashion designers are demonstrating not only clothes, shoes and accessories, but also beauty-trends. By this, we mean hairstyles and makeup, without which no image can be considered complete. Yes, you can purchase a trendy dress, but if the make up is unsuccessful, then you will unlikely succeed to make the right impression.

Eyebrows color

In the last two seasons, stylists from around the world tirelessly repeated to us that one of the main focuses on the face are the eyebrows, and if they are perfect, then the makeup can be considered successful. But the desire for naturalness, apparently, bored the creative individuals, and this time they decided to dilute a little the drab existence.

Eyebrows trend

Sometimes, to stand out from the crowd, is enough to just do a little extravagant makeup. Apparently, the make-up artists Badgley Mischka and Christine Phung were guided by this rule during the presentation of the new collections for Spring-Summer 2016 at Paris and New York Fashion Week. Model that demonstrated clothes of these brands were distinguished by bright and bold eyebrows shades. The rest of the makeup was very restrained.

How to do colored eyebrows?

Eyebrows can be colored using eye shadows and a special brush. First, you must apply face foundations on the face and eyebrows. Do not worry if they lose their color, as you want to change it! The main thing in this process is to not overdo it and do not go beyond the natural contour of the eyebrows.

Beauty eyebrows


Of course no one is telling you that colored eyebrows are an idea for a daily make up. Such extravagant look can seriously shock people around. But for a costume party or Halloween, colored eyebrows are a good option.

Eyebrows 2016

In pursuit of beauty trends, it is important to keep the common sense and learn to distinguish between natural images from the podium images.