Rules for brunette hair coloring

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Although after the trip to the hair colorist, the hair usually look healthy and shiny, experiments with color for them it’s always some degree of stress, leading out of the “comfort zone.” It is believed that coloring the dark hair in a lighter shade is a more “painful” process than the transformation of a brunette into a blonde. But the second option has its own subtleties.

Brunette hair

There is hardly any girl who would not undergo the absurdity of the famous paradox. Most often, we want the opposite of what we have: curly hair dreams of straight hair, brunette – of blond curls, and vice versa. This “reverse” in the case of a change of hair color is a task most easily to be carried out. The main reason lies in the fact that there is no need to discolor the hair to become a brunette. This means that the hair avoid the exposure to aggressive substances, which destroys the natural pigment (thereby the color disappears), and does not become so dehydrated and lifeless. Thus, the coloring does not become a multistage and traumatic process but a simpler and more gentle process.

Despite the fact that to become a brunette, as it turns out, it is not a difficult task, the procedure of transformation still has some “pitfalls”. As a rule, you can get the desired dark shade from the very first time of coloring. Dark haired girls should not worry about getting their hair color a shade darker and in case of natural blonds, the possibility of damaging their hair color is minimal as well. This is not the case of those who first chose to be blond and then decided to become dark haired again. Instead of getting the desired shade, you might have the chance to obtain an unpleasant reddish shade. In order to avoid this, choose cold brown shades.

Given these subtleties, coloring in dark colors are also considered one of the most affordable options for self-coloring at home. In order to not be disappointed of the result, you need to follow the following few rules:

-it is important that the desired shade to not be lighter than the previous colored hair.

-If your natural hair is lighter, then when coloring it in a darker shade, in the future you will have to devote a lot of time to maintain the color. The growing roots are very visible on the contrast of the selected shade. Pay attention to that.

-In case of repeated coloring to maintain the same color, you should first apply the color only on the roots, and only after the end of the holding time, “comb” the coloring product along the length of the hair to the tips (they should be slightly moist). Leave the product to action 5 or 10 minutes – you decide, depending on the desired color intensity. What is it for? If you apply the product directly from the roots to the ends, then with each subsequent use of paint will be going over-accumulation of pigment in the main length of the hair. Because of this, the roots appear much brighter even after coloring, which looks very unnatural.

Hair coloring

If you do not have complete confidence in how to approach becoming a brunette, talk to a professional colorist.

Once the transformation is finally held, it is important to pay a lot of attention to the colored hair care. Stick to the classical scheme, use the appropriate shampoo and conditioner for colored hair. It is desirable that they were the same brand as the used hair coloring product, this practice allows you to maintain the brightness of the color, adjust the moisture in the hair structure and protect them from any external influences, including high-temperature regimes during styling. To reduce the stress on the colored hair, it is better to use as little as possible the “hot” method of styling and use a hair dryer, hair iron and other stylers,and only when necessary. Do not forget to use indelible nourishing masks and balms that can help restore the hair damaged by beauty-experiments.

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