Celebrity street style Fall 2015

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Celebrity Street style

Often trendsetters are not designers, but movie stars and of show business, dressed in clothes of famous brands.

It often happens that the novelties of the world famous brands are mostly followed by people directly related to the field: designers, stylists, bloggers, journalists, fashion magazines, editors, etc. People, who do not have anything to do with the fashion industry, are rarely interested in numerous fashion shows, organized worldwide. Their main sources of inspiration are the outfits of idols. And they don’t even ask the question: “Who is the author of their look?”

Celebrities’ Street style in our review today!

It is considered a bad habit to adopt a podium image entirely. Much more enthusiastic sights you will achieve if appearing in a combined outfit, where, for example, would be a pair of pants from Dolce & Gabbana new collection, the coat is from Valentino, a the handbag from Chanel.

Of course, not everyone has an impeccable sense of style, allowing to combine things from different collections, modify them for yourself, or accessorize it correctly. The stars are fortunate in this respect, such questions are dealt by stylists who at nights study thoroughly new collections and select for their wards the most suitable items of clothing.

Celebrities style

Cameras followed the following celebrities:

Naomi Watts and her smart-casual style.

Naomi Watts Style

Rita Ora and her original and daring look, where most of attention is paid to her Mickey Mouse cap with ears.

Rita Ora Style

As always, Reese Witherspoon is elegant. The “Legally Blonde” can not live without the classic court shoes and glasses.

Reese Witherspoon Style

Alessandra Ambrosio is enjoying the warm weather from Los Angeles that is why her outfits are simple and practical.

Alessandra Ambrosio Style

Jessica Alba chooses the casual style. Skirt with ethnic prints, short white top and denim shirt – it all looks very stylish and youth.

Jessica Alba Style

Heidi Klum picks for daily wearing denim shorts and practical accessories with black metal elements.

Heidi Klum Style

Kendall Jenner, is obviously tired from podium heels and decided to give preference to everyday life more practical footwear.

Kendall Jenner Style

Liv Tyler and her leggings with floral print could not remain outside paparazzi’s cameras.

Liv Tyler Style

Cindy Crawford’s style is recognizable from afar: these are flared jeans and a top, which successfully demonstrates the charms of the supermodel.

Cindy Crawford Style

Amanda Seyfried has chosen to walk the dog in a fashionable T-silhouette coat that looks great on such a slim lady.

Amanda Seyfried Style

Chrissy Teigen was remembered by surrounding while walking thanks to her hat, which harmoniously complemented the look consisting of a light dress and boots.

Chrissy Teigen Style

Inspiration is always there, the main thing is to not walk buried in your own shoes and admire the urban landscape and at least occasionally to look at people. Each person is unique, we all have something to learn, and Street style is a proof of that.

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